Sunday, August 19, 2007

Photo Shoot Catch Up Part 3

Here is the final installment of the photo catch up. These are the latest pictures of our little Baby G and a look into what we have been up to lately.

Baby G loves his hippo play mat-- check out the smile.

For my birthday this past week we went downtown to The Gateway for some shopping and dinner.

Baby G loves to be outside and he has had plenty of opportunities lately because we have been completely re-doing our yard (ie: taking out dead sod, digging trenches, putting in sprinkler system, putting in more soil, and planting new grass). Yesterday was a perfect day for yard work because it was overcast and a little bit rainy so we weren't dying of heat. When we first got Baby G's stroller we kind of thought that the rain cover it came with was lame and we were like, "Yeah, like we will ever use that." But let me tell you, we LOVED having it yesterday because we could just keep Baby G out with us and work away. He loved watching the rain hit the plastic and stayed in there for about an hour.

So I kind of feel like white trash when we have Baby G out in his stroller wearing just a diaper, but when it is really hot I would feel even worse if he was all sweaty and hot... so white trash it is, I guess. Look at how chubby and yummy his legs are getting.

Hanging out in his swing watching Daddy dig some trenches.
He keeps his hands up by his face like this a lot of the time. Luckily he doesn't scratch himself much anymore.

Gangsta G. Don't you just LOVE those chub cheeks?


alPop said...
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alPop said...

l, i was just wondering what was up with you and your offspring. te iubesc!
-- your most favoritest co-facilitator ever