Sunday, August 19, 2007

Photo Shoot Catch up Part 1

Here begins the attempt to catch you all up on Baby G's life since bringing him home from the hospital....

He is a little sleepy squish face-- he was 4 days old here and check out those chubby cheeks already!
J and I are very proud of Baby G's urethral fortitide-- see the dark spot on the orange pillow in the background? Yep, that's my boy. He really does seem to wait to pee until his diaper is off and there is something nearby that his parents probably won't want pee on (like our pillows-- he never seems to pee on his changing pad when I decided to change him there).

10 days old

This is one of his favorite faces. He is really good at pursing his lips into a little circle and looking all around.

Baby G loves bath time. He relaxes and just lays there and looks around (oh yeah, and pees).

He was about 2 1/2 weeks in these last two.

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