Friday, February 22, 2013

costa rica: day 6 (water and lightning)

Remember that time back in 2011 that we went to Costa Rica? And I posted about the first half of the trip, but never got around to posting about the second? Probably you don't, but I do, and until I can clear the mental clutter from leaving that unfinished, I don't think I can blog anything else. And there is a lot of "else" to blog about. So I'm gonna crank this out. Here's a refresher on the first several days, just to put it in context:

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On our 6th day, we left the rain forest with some Costa Rican Oreos and milk on hand for the bumpy ride back to our hotel in Guanacaste. It was an adventure that included a few spilled cups of milk, let's just say that. Once back, we walked out of our hotel to the beach and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening playing in the sand and water. I look at these pictures and feel like this trip was just a dream. It was so perfect in every way.

I want to bring my family on every trip I take. Mostly because I love their company, but a tiny bit because I don't have to take care of my children :).
 photo madbabe2_zpsbf1c7e7c.jpg

I am in love with this picture of Madeline and (a tiny, adorable) Pearl laughing at each other.
 photo madbabe_zpsfeec7ecd.jpg

She's like, "Hey, does this nipple have milk?"
 photo 0819111_zps84e2162c.jpg

Loving her Papa, and leading him around like she's the boss. 'Cause she is.
 photo 0819112_zps266ae956.jpg

Occasionally my family would allow John and I some time with our kids ;). Pea and I played in that glorious, toasty water.
 photo aDSC_0434_zps1bcfa785.jpg
 photo werun2_zpsb846b355.jpg
 photo werun_zpsa3d7e7b6.jpg
 photo aDSC_0421_zpsc7fecb41.jpg

And John helped George try out some boogie boarding, which he LOVED.
 photo gride4_zpsc9c060f9.jpg
 photo gride2_zpse19b6150.jpg
 photo gride_zpsfe5aa60f.jpg

And only wiped out a few times.
 photo gride3_zpsad41a6e0.jpg

But was even thrilled about that.
 photo gride5_zpsdd11ad77.jpg

Pearlie in the sand while Daddy and George play in the ocean in the background.
 photo 081911_zpsa75a9deb.jpg

Twede girls (minus me).
 photo tgirls_zps3d3dc133.jpg

All my brothers and sisters riding the itty bitty waves. A thunderstorm rolled in that evening, but the waves never got very big. I was cool with that-- small waves make me happy.
 photo aDSC_0026-2_zpscdc006e1.jpg
 photo aDSC_0031-2_zps7a8f0fba.jpg

My baby-est sister playing in the sand. She has a fierce combination of bright eyes and dark skin.
 photo aDSC_0368_zps32ff4e12.jpg
 photo aDSC_0369_zps670e6fb6.jpg

Of all my sisters, Rachel and I get told that we look alike most. Our baby pictures definitely show a pretty strong resemblance. And now people who know both Rachel and Pearl tell us that they think Pearl looks like Rach.
 photo aDSC_0395_zps2d53d5a6.jpg

The empty beaches were one of the best parts of the whole trip.
 photo 3beach_zpsa4e02b22.jpg
 photo 3_zps4cd3d358.jpg

And now, a billion pictures of a baby with a boogie board.
 photo surfbaby_zps25d9afe5.jpg
 photo aDSC_0317_zps057562af.jpg
 photo aDSC_0283_zps39e89896.jpg

This might be the cutest ever. I love her tininess next to his tallness.
 photo aDSC_0276_zps4bb89521.jpg
 photo aDSC_0272_zpsd8e848b4.jpg

Girl knows where she wants to go.
 photo aDSC_0251_zpsfe491b11.jpg
 photo aDSC_0238_zpsdbbb151d.jpg
 photo aDSC_0222_zps3420bf3d.jpg

As I mentioned earlier, a giant rain/thunderstorm rolled through that evening. It started pouring while we were playing in the ocean, and once we saw lightning we figured we should probably get out of the water. But it was so much fun to play in. Warm rain might be the most blissful thing on earth. This picture is blurry but I totally love it because you can get a feel for how awesome the storm was. My mom snapped this of John, Rachel, and me from the porch area of their hotel room.
 photo aDSC_0473_zps61c3d072.jpg

George and Pearl eating Starbursts and watching the rain from the cover of the porch with Nenski while their parents were out running around in it.
 photo aDSC_0481_zps95288cfb.jpg

As the sun started to set that night we realized that it was going to be a pretty show. John and I grabbed Pearl and the camera (George didn't want to come) and ran down to the beach.
 photo sunset_zpsb5b0602a.jpg

This was the night that John just happened to snap this crazy cool picture of Pearl and I and lightning.
 photo DSC_05692.jpg

Yay, another day down! I'll be back.