Friday, December 04, 2009

mostly just tell me what to do with my hair

We partook in at least three Thanksgiving feasts. I was so busy eating that I didn't really take many pictures of the festivities except for these few of our early Thanksgiving in Idaho.

Best turkey I've ever had, Grandpa. Seriously. You wish your grandpa could cook like mine, I promise.

G licked the whipped cream off the beaters.

I love how no one is looking at each other in this picture. We were clearly all way too busy staring at our plates and stuffing our faces to engage in social interaction around the table.

And then, of course, some football was watched. The best part of this picture? J holding G's frankenstein spatula. That spatula seriously goes with us everywhere. G sleeps with it every night. Perhaps the best purchase my mom has ever made for G.

On the actual day of Thanksgiving we hopped in the car and headed south to eat with some of J's family in St. George. The food was delicious, the company was fantastic, the weather was divine, but I took exactly zero photos of it all. J snapped this one of some of the little kids out in the backyard playing in the waterfall. G was in heaven with his stick pretending to be fishing. He was soaking wet by the time we had to leave, and I'm positive that was the highlight of his entire Thanksgiving.
We left St. George and continued south to Las Vegas for one of my little sister's soccer tournaments. We had so much fun playing, watching Hannah's team win the whole tournament, and enjoying the warm temperatures, but again, I failed to even take my camera out with us once. I did get this really awesome picture of G in the hotel though, which makes up for all the other pictures I didn't take.

Did you notice that I am in exactly zero of those pictures? That has a little to do with the fact that I really didn't care about taking pictures in general over the weekend (obviously), but more to do with the fact that I could not stand my hair and I felt entirely unattractive most of the time. It was at that really awkward length of not short or long and I was tempted to chop it all off myself. Instead I waited and let my fabulous stylist (and cousin) get to work on it when I got home. It's short. Really short. I can't decide for sure how I feel, but it is definitely better than it was. I am kind of starting to miss long hair, but I can't figure out how I'll ever get it long again because that would require me to suffer through that awkward stage. Have any of you done that? Here is a picture of the current length. Short, huh? Yay or nay? Should I try to grow it out, or am I destined to have short hair forever more? Very important, not-at-all-superficial questions, I know :).


Lemme said...

i think it's really sure now. but i have to say im partial to your long hair.

but're gorgeous either way

TeriLyn said...

oh i am in LOVE with that cut!!! it's a great cut and it's so flattering on you. sassy! seriously, that's my favorite cut i've seen on you. but i'm also partial to short hair.

and you're not alone in blogging about hair. i have an entire tag devoted to hair dilemmas. :)

Katrina said...

You look great with the short cut. It's really cute. But I know what you mean about long hair and how hard it is to grow out. I've been going through the awkward stage for months and am finally on the way out of it I think. I'm so ready for long hair again.

Kristi said...

Love your short cut. I recently got a cut too and it didn't turn out so good...

Katie said...

enjoy it short for a while (embrace it-maybe even go a little more drastic) then when you're ready for something different, grow it out again and you'll be ready to suffer through the in-between stage.

Jill said...


Sassy Rachel said...


That is SO your look Liz. So sheek, modern and HOT. Love it!

Your boy is the cutest.

We ARE coming Christmas day for a I MUST see you! I'm assuming you will be around, so let's get together.

Random Side note...How do you know Katrina? (I notice she posts on your blog) She is my friend, who was practically a roommate, and married Spencer's you know her too?? How? Super cool small world!

Danica Osborn said...

lu-huv it!!! you have a great face for short hair. i'm wth katie--i am always growing out my hair then hacking it off. i think it's fun to experiment and if you have the face to pull of long AND short hair, then all the more reason to change it up! stick with short for a bit, i think it's sooo cute.

but you'll miss the days when you didn't have to do your hair and could just throw it in a pony tail...tht's the one problem with short hair. it's faster to do, but you HAVE to do it.

Teacher Mama said...

I love the cute cut! It is too bad neither of us took pics of our soaking wet little buddies.

Mama Janet said...

How could you be any cuter??? Impossible you are getting the award for your eye, and your cut really beings them out. As for G in his unders and holding a Frankenstein flipper, I think he's adorable and funny! I'm sorry I missed the Thanksgiving, but I'm not sorry too, you know?

Mandy and Roger Woodhouse said...

cute hair! Mine was kind of like that last year when it was dark. I loved my bangs... part of me wants my hair like that again... we'll see. I like it short, I like it long. Whatever. :)