Wednesday, November 25, 2009

weekly roundup II

This is actually more like week-and-a-half-roundup, but who's counting? Little G and I thoroughly enjoyed the warm spell we had before this latest (and likely constant for the next 4 months or so) cold hit. We went to parks and played in leaves and took walks collecting ants. I brought my camera along on one of the trips to Murray Park and took some pictures of my boy that I love because he is so full of expression in them. I narrowed these way down, but I had to include quite a few so you could see the variety of faces he was making. Oh how I love this little boy.
Surprised, maybe? I'm not sure what this look is, but he does it all the time.

A combination of happy and surprised I suppose.

Love how the hat accentuates his round, full cheeks.

Fishing off the bridge with a weed, of course.
This blank stare is the look I get about 97% of the time when I ask him to look at me for a picture. You'll notice it in many pictures.


And there it is again, though his mouth is a little different in this one.

Oh a smile! A real smile! That doesn't happen very often in pictures of him.

This look was because I was dropping leaves on his face from above to get him to look at me. He was both nervous and happy about it.

And this is when he is sick of me saying, "Look at Mama! Look at me just one more time!" so he covers his eyes which he thinks is hilarious.

And, once again, the blank stare. At least he has big blue eyes to compensate for the lack of expression otherwise.

Then it got cold. G is LOVING the snow and keeps saying things like, "I cannot believe this snow!" in the most excited little squeaky voice. He desperately wants to make a snowman, and has been known to beg for pajamas with snowmen on them at the store on at least 3 separate occasions. He finally got some today. Before church last week I let Baby G eat the caramel apple he got for Halloween outside in the snow. I'm not sure why I did that (dirty, wet, and freezing before church? I must be crazy), but I got a couple of cute pictures out of it.

One of the most distinct memories of G at this age will surely be the deep, monotone, repetative voice that he calls out from his bed to us with. At night he requests more songs, new water, a car to sleep with etc. In the morning it is always, "Moooooooom. I waaakeeedd uuuppp. Mooooom, Iiii'm awaaaaake." When I go in to get him this is what he looks like, and oh how I love it:

Last week also found my dear husband taking the GRE. As he left that morning I giggled that he was wearing his Tony the Tiger t-shirt from high school. When I said something about it he said, "I need a flannel shirt, too." That made me laugh even harder. You better believe that I thought it was pretty cute that he wanted to wear "lucky" clothes to take his test in, and I made him pose for a picture which he was not thrilled about. The picture is bad, but the memory it holds is great. His lucky clothes worked, grad school here we come.

For the weekend we took off to Idaho to visit Kim & Ken's family, watch Josh play in his state final football game, and have an early Thanksgiving dinner. I left G home with my brothers one afternoon to run to the grocery store and gave them very strict orders about not letting him leave their sight because he was going to need to go poop (Mom's know these things about their babies' bowel schedules) and he wouldn't just come tell them. Of course they let him leave and of course he had an accident. Of course they also left it up to my dear 8 year old cousin Emma to clean him up (boys are worthless with these things until they become fathers, I guess). When we got home everyone/thing was spic and span thanks to Emma, and we were very proud of her cleaning up abilities. Then we noticed the pile of SOS and Brillo pads in the sink. And then the line up of cleaning supplies on the counter. We had a very long laugh thinking about Emma scrubbing down my baby's most sensitive spots with Comet (with bleach, of course), glass cleaner, vinegar, and steel wool pads. I think it's safe to say that his bum has never been so clean :).
The cleaning supply lineup.

We loved being there for Josh's last football game of the season and to see them WIN state. So glad we got to be there in person. Here is Grandpa bundling up for the game. His old ski coat doesn't fit so well anymore, I guess.

G's coat does fit.

I loved looking down at the sidelines and immediately always being able to pick out my handsome Joshie. That copper hair is a dead giveaway. 

Best long snap in the history of the world, made possible by Gilliam (AKA Josh) himself. This was the play that got them the win!

Josh's arms up, declaring victory!

The next day was full of Thanksgiving festivities, but I'll post those pictures along with the Thanksgiving pictures I take tomorrow in another post. I love being married and having multiple Thanksgivings with both families. So much food, and you better believe this pregnant girl doesn't turn down any of it.


Katie said...

I can't believe you didn't talk about RSL!

Anonymous said...

as one of the brothers in the poop story, i will just mention that liz has completely misrepresented us and certain important details.

Mama Janet said...

Funny, hilarious our cute baby and Emma! Funny baby John, and his lucky clothes that came from wearing his Daddy's shirts to bed. I love my boy and yours too?