Monday, November 02, 2009

teach me about halloween, mama

About 2 months ago Baby G (I really have to come up with a better name for him on here) and I were laying in my bed early one morning. We were chatting about something when he suddenly said, "Teach me about Halloween, Mama." I have no clue where that came from, but I started telling him about what Halloween was like and what we would do for it etc. I told him that he could dress up like anything he wanted and started listing off some ideas. After I had run through a few different possibilities, I asked him what he wanted to be. With almost no hesitation he declared, "A golfer!" He had just recently received a little set of golf clubs from my practically-professional-golfer grandparents, and had been playing with them constantly. I thought his idea was brilliant, and have been so excited about dressing him all up as a spiffy little golfer (Payne Stewart style) ever since. 

I found some pants at D.I. for $2.00 that I cut off and sewed elastic in to make knickers. I found the argyle vest at Kid-to-Kid for $2.25. The argyle socks were a few dollars, and the rest of the costume (button down shirt, loafers, hat, golf clubs) consisted of items we already had. I was pretty happy about the final look, and honestly, I don't think we could've come up with a cuter or more original costume. Every person who saw him made a comment about how stinking cute it was. But do you want to know what is sad? I didn't get ANY good pictures of him in it. He dressed up in it for different parties/events on 5 separate occasions-- I just kept telling myself I would take some good pictures on Halloween before trick-or-treating. Then Halloween rolled around and I was preoccupied making corn chowder for our ward party later that night, rushing it over to the church early since we were going to the ReAl playoff game and were going to be late, rushing to the game, leaving the game 10 minutes early (and missing the winning goal!) to get back to the church in time for the trunk or treat, rushing to get the trunk decorated, and then passing out candy. By the time I remembered to take some pictures, the light was already gone and I sadly had to use my flash. None of the pictures are very cute. But oh well, this is what we have. Maybe I'll dress him up one more time just to take pictures. But let's be honest, I probably won't.

On Thursday we had our Fall Festival at school. I was so happy that my Lucy costume fit even with my growing belly. Here we are all dressed up at school:

This is when I first remembered to take pictures at the trunk or treat. Baby G was much more interested in golfing on the lawn at the church than he was in getting all the candy. He has a pretty awesome swing.

When we went home to drop some stuff off after the trunk or treat and before we went around the neighborhood to trick or treat at a few houses I took a couple of pictures in the bright kitchen lights. They aren't great, but you can get a pretty good idea of what his little costume looked like.

Leaving our house to go get some candy. We didn't get too creative with the pumpkins we carved this year, but at least we did it at all, right?

This was Baby G's favorite house. It is one of our neighbors, and for the past week about 3 times a day he would request to go over with his frankenstein spatula (last picture in my last post) and look at this frankenstein and compare the two.

I thought maybe I could get a spooky Halloweeny picture of him under the street light, but it just looks like the exposure is off. This was my last attempt, and when it failed I gave up :).
Now that Halloween is over I am starting to feel the excitement of the November/December holidays. When I looked at my phone this morning and the date said Nov. 2 I got all excited just thinking about the upcoming season and everything it brings. And the best part? When it is over and people are feeling the post-holiday blues, I will still have a new baby bundle to look forward to! So excited!


Lemme said...

he looks so dang cute!!! i love that you just threw it together for a couple bucks and with stuff laying around! and im surprised he didn't change his mind after 2 months!

Bryan and Christy Clark said...

That is the cutest cotume! i love it and its so creative.

Jenny said...

Way cute costume! I did the same thing with Stockton. He dressed up for school and I didn't even get a picture of him. He changed costumes for Halloween night. Oh well, I wrote about it. I should get credit for that!

Sassy Rachel said...

Ok those are the cutest costumes ever! Way to go for dressing up so cute.

You are the cooking/baking queen! Wow girl, I'm super impressed. All these fun things. I'm thinking I want to come to your house for dinner:)

Love you. When are you coming to my house to visit me? Hmmm?

We're coming out the week after Christmas...plan on seeing you:)

Mama Janet said...

I love that cute little costume, and he really is a good golfer. So cute!