Wednesday, October 29, 2008

overheard in target

Little boy to his mom: (pointing to Baby G) "Look Mom! A baby!"
Mom back to boy: "I think that he is more of a toddler, honey, not a baby."

Me: (thinking) "Dang. She noticed. Bummer." (I may have said "Bummer" outloud under my breath.)

How did he get to be not a baby so fast? I want to bottle up his littleness because it is so fleeting.

Despite our disbelief that he has grown so large before our very eyes, we are seriously adoring this one-year-old phase. Surely it can't get any better (though that's what I thought when he was a newborn, when he was 6 months etc. etc. etc.).


Kevin, Danica, & Claire said...

i miss the baby stage too, but the toddler stage is soooo fun. it's almost eased the baby hungriness b/c i'm just so entertained with where she's at now...almost...:)

Anonymous said...

that is so weird. george is really growing up!!!!!!!!!!
from your bestest sister!

Anonymous said...

no he is not.
he is still just a bean.
he just walks and talks and stuff like that now.
but he is pretty much the cutest bean/baby alive regardless of his age.
from your real "bestest sister"
. . you know you love me the most :]

GregR said...

I think beanster is the cutest stage on earth. Watching him pick up apples and throw them is a real picture of darn cute. What a little cowboy cutie.