Monday, October 13, 2008

my version of your tags

So there is this thing that my most daring (I kid you not-- she knowingly takes her life in her hands every day when she goes to work) friend Karissa tagged me to do. I am not sure if I am going to do it right, so this is going to be my version of it. I think I am supposed to tell you all my favorite number and then list that many things under each category? Correct? Well, that's what I am doing anyway.

My favorite number is actually 27 or any multiple of 9, but those are much too large for this tag. In cases such as this I have reserved the right to make 7 my backup favorite number because 27 has a 7 in it and I like 7s enough by themselves to make it okay. If you would like to know why I like 27 and/or multiples of 9, well then you are just out of luck. That is a story for another day, my friends.

7 TV Shows I Love to Watch:
-The Amazing Race
-Jazz games
-ReAl games
-any other sporting event (Jazz games were pretty much the ONLY reason we got cable)
-Project Runway
-Challenge on the Food Network (especially if they are making big cakes)
-Murder shows (real ones, not pretend ones. And yes, "Murder shows" is their technical term)

7 Things That Happened Yesterday:
-went to church
-Baby G sat through the ENTIRE sacrament meeting without getting up and walking up and down the aisles. This is the first time since he started walking that we have made it through the whole meeting without going out to the hall so we had a little celebration for him after.
-took a 25 minute nap with Baby G while waiting for J to get home from church (his calling requires him to stay after each week)
-made the most AMAZING side dish I've ever had. It was the Pioneer Woman's Fresh Corn with Wild Rice and it was pretty much the highlight of my month (besides the fact that the wild rice cost $4.99 for 6 ounces--I almost had a heart attack and then I bought it anyway, which I am exceedingly grateful for)
-made pumpkin pie with a real pumpkin and it was yummy, but not as good as the corn/rice
-made this new dessert bar for a family dinner and J said it was the best dessert I've ever made him (obviously yesterday mostly just revolved around food at our house)
-went to my parents' house for a fun get-together with my dad's family

7 Favorite Places to Eat:
-El Matador in Bountiful
-Aunt Sandie's farm in Montana (you haven't lived until you've had her Steak Rice)
-Yogurt Stop (not really food, but one of my secret addictions lately)
-Chipotle (loving their huge veggie burritos)
-The Hungry Bear (have you tried the cheese rolls?)
-Outback (if only for the Thunder Cream)

7 Things I'm Looking Forward to:
-San Diego in Novemeber
-taking Baby G to an amusement park
-Jazz season starting
-last home ReAl game (unless they make the playoffs, which I am really hoping for)
-finishing all the odds and ends projects we've got going on with our house
-dressing Baby G up in his Halloween costume and bringing him to school with me to see all the kids in the parade
-having another baby (one day. No, I am not pregnant.)
7 Things on My Wish List:
-go to Brazil
-babies in orphanages
-someone to come and just finish all the projects on our house instantly
-a new computer
-a new car (both our cars are slowly falling apart)
-no more snow until the end of November (let us have fall, please!)
-travel back to the Land of Miracles and stay awhile

7 People I tag:

Also, Rach (AKA Rotor Rooter) tagged me to do this picture thing where you go to the 6th folder on your computer and pick the 6th picture and post it, but since I'm all about 7s today I'm breaking the rules and doing the 7th folder and 7th picture. Here you have it:

Playing in the fountains at Gateway in June '08 (back when Baby G was still a chubby legged baby. Check out RR's attitude pose in the background).


Lucy, Marc and Katie said...

He sat through all of sacrament mtg??? What a dream!

Lemme said...

i think you've done well!! you're funny, and i love your cute baby...and you're gorgeous!!!

Rachel said...

Liz, you are a domestic goddess. I miss you!!! Can we get lunch or something over xmas?
Also, which Rachel did you tag?

Lucy, Marc and Katie said...

Believe it or not, we were just sitting in some weeds for those pictures!

Channa said...

Your posts are fun to read as always! And I prefer your variation on the tags. Tell me more about the Hungry Bear...I've never heard of it before!

Kristi said...

Hey L. We are having our annual Halloween party, and I know that you and J never come, but I am inviting you again anyway. It is next Friday, the 24th. Email me your address if you think you might be able to come!

the mama monster said...

i will have to try that rice recipe. i love anything from the pioneer woman. did you check costco for wild rice? i'm with you on the chocolate thunder from down under. yum.

Jami said...

haha how cute!! I like that pic of you guys! your hair looks pretty too =)

Anonymous said...

Hey Liz - it's Suzanna (Moore). I've been doing a little Carden hunt and finally found you. Your little boy is amazing and you are just as I remember you :) I hope all is well and we talk e-mail is and my cell is 652-6550