Friday, October 03, 2008

knock knock

You just never know who is going to be behind the door when you open it. Yesterday it was a sweet elderly woman from Albania with a young American man by her side. She began saying the few words she knew in English, heavy with her Albanian accent: "Bible? See? You like? I read?" I was puzzled and looked at the man for a little help.
"She's from Albania," he said. "She doesn't speak very much English, but she is zealous to work."
I still wasn't sure what this was all about. Zealous to work at what? So I just looked at her with nice eyes to let her know she could continue.
"No speak English lot, but I read? I read Bible?"
"Sure. You can read something from the Bible."
(a verse from the book of Revelation is read)
"Bible? See? You like?"
"Yes, I do like it. It's beautiful. I believe in the Bible."
(with giddy excitement) "Oh! You like! You like Bible?!"
(smiling and trying to match her enthusiasm) "Yes, I do! I like the Bible, too!"
By this point I had realized who they were and why they were there, but I had no desire to turn them away immediately. I felt like I should treat them the way that I would hope a stranger at a door would treat a missionary from my church. So after a little confusion about what she wanted me to do, I was gifted a book to read and sent on my way with two kisses on my cheeks. Her desire to spread her Truth warmed my heart, and I was glad for her example. I browsed through the book she left with me because, again, if an LDS missionary had left a Book of Mormon in someone's hands I would hope they would at least give it a look. This is the cover of the book: And this is a kind of scary illustration from it: (I recommend clicking on the pic to enlarge it for full alarming detail)
I think it is safe to say that I won't be converting to her religion any time soon, but it was a lovely exchange with a kind, believing stranger that has left me a little more motivated to share her zeal in spreading my own Truth.
I cannot wait for Conference this weekend.


Rachel said...

Yeah that's always kind of an awkward moment, huh? You see the earnest little faces of brothers and friends behind those lyin' eyes. :) Haha, just kidding. On behalf of everyone who has ever been tracting, thank you for your kindness. I'm glad you appreciated the freaky picture. The watchtower is pretty fascinating b.c it almost seems like it's been written in another language and translated funkily, or that it was written in the 70s. :) Do you think they made it over to Robert's so he could warn them about brain tumors??? I sure hope so. Thanks so much for your sweet message!!!! If you really love me though I feel like the fruit of your love would be to put me on your list of blogging friends. :) :) Love you so much Liz! I hope all is well with the Sproulbergers.

Camie and Juan Figueroa said...

I do the same thing when someone comes to my door. I agree that I would hope people would be kind and respectful to our missionaries so I try and do the same to others.

Wow! that picture is pretty scary! The cover looks so pretty. Why would they put something so scary in there?

It's always nice to get a little reminder that we need to have that desire to spread the truth.