Friday, February 11, 2011

vintage babies

A couple of Sundays ago I decided to keep the kids in their church clothes and get a few pictures of them outside on our way up to my parents' house. Mostly I wanted to  get pictures of George because, hello, he had a plaid suit coat on. Pearl is just a bonus :).

When Georgie wore this suit to church the first time he asked me if it was an "old man coat." I thought it was funny that he picked up on that. My favorite part of this photo (besides George's over-smile and Pea's sweet smile) is Pearlie's arm up on her brother's shoulder. She likes him.

I stayed in my skirt and forced John to put back on a shirt and tie (he rips off his suit as soon as he gets home from his meetings) because I thought we could maybe get a few shots of all of us. What I didn't bargain for was the freezing cold. John thought I was crazy (and perhaps irresponsible) to have my children outside, so we literally only took 4 pictures. All right in a row. But we got a couple that we can work with, I think. One of these days I just need to get a real person to come snap pictures of us. It is quite the challenge to get Pearl to look at an immobile, mute camera.

This one wins, I think.

Can you tell how cold it was?


Anonymous said...

Lizzie I think it is so funny that you look like you are shivering in that first family picture! Hahaha. You didn't mention that George thought he was wearing an "old man coat". That is funny too.

Love you and really loved the colors of your clothes in your freezy pic. Hahahah.


Lauren said...

Ok I have to know where you got that skirt? Seriously so cute! Your family picture is darling by the way.

Lemme said...

i love your family!