Sunday, February 20, 2011

our latina cry baby

Pearl does something funny when she cries. Upon exhalation she rolls her tongue on the top of her mouth as she cries/screams out. It is the same sound you make when you are rolling the /r/ sound when speaking Spanish (and other languages), except she does it for a long time. It is a pretty fancy trick, if you ask me because I can't even begin to do it. I can barely muster up a tiny /r/ roll for half a second in a word or something, but the ability to continuously roll your tongue to make that sound eludes me. Not my daughter though. She is a pro. We have tried to capture this on camera a couple of times because it really is a cute little quirk of hers that we want to remember, but she stops doing it whenever she sees us or the camera. One day a couple of weeks ago she was having a hard time falling asleep for a nap (which is not typical-- nursing usually puts her right to sleep if she's tired). I was growing weary and decided to just put her in her bed to see if she'd fall asleep on her own. The answer is no, she did not fall asleep, but YES! we did finally get a little footage of her unique cry.

You'll have to excuse her mismatched and disorganized room. She's almost one and we still haven't made the full switch from a boyish nursery to a more feminine one. There are bits and pieces of George left over in there that I've had intentions to change but haven't yet. And also don't mind the boxes full of clothes on the floor. Those are the things the kids have grown out of that are supposed to be making their way to D.I.. Allegedly they were going there last week. Oops. Maybe this week. Anyway, the best part of this little video is the way she goes from crying in earnest (with the Latina flair, of course) to all smiles and rainbows when she sees her daddy walk in. (You may have to turn up your volume a bit to hear the cry.)

Don't you think that little cry is funny?

She did fall asleep. After John rescued her I went in and nursed her again and she quickly settled into slumber. Her room isn't normally this bright while she naps but I opened the blinds to snap these pictures.

This one is my fave.


Katey and Justin said...

That is the funniest thing I have ever seen!!! I seriously could not contain my laughter! Love her!

Lemme said...

that's hilarious!!! so stinkin' cute!!

Mama Janet said...

Oh, Pearlie, that was so cute trilling her tongue, and to see her smile at Daddy...Darling little thing!