Friday, December 31, 2010

beach teaser


We just got home from this year's trip to The Beach. (Yes, that is a proper noun. Explanation at the bottom of this post.) It was gloriously warm and sunny and so much fun to spend time with all of John's extended family. If your family doesn't have the tradition of spending the week between Christmas and New Year's at a beach of some sort I would highly recommend adopting it. Best idea ever. I love John's Grandma and Grandpa for starting this tradition so many decades ago, and I am so happy that we all still make it happen.

There are hundreds of photos to sort through (and that is not even counting the ones from all of the holiday festivities before we left), and my house honestly looks like a bomb went off inside of it. Hopefully the blog won't be neglected for too long :). Happy New Year!


Mama Janet said...

I'm excited to see your pictures of the beach. You inspire me to get my pictures organized. It was soo fun to have Pearl on the beach! What a sweet pea!

Anonymous said...

is that all there is? love, aunt sandi and gma