Thursday, December 23, 2010

merry and bright

I never intended to be a mom who got her kids' picture taken with Santa every year, but it just kind of happened, and the truth is, I really kind of love it. Here is a little look at each year so far:

2007 and 2008 with baby and toddler George:

2009 and 2010 with toddler George and oh my, we added a baby girl! It really is kind of a fun way to track the growth of your family over the years. I am so glad I have these, and the grainy, poor quality photos kind of just add to the charm, right? And, holy cow, I just noticed George is wearing the same shirt in both photos. Not planned, promise.

I made a half-hearted attempt at taking a family photo for Christmas cards, but when John didn't have a shirt that coordinated (someone please buy that poor boy some clothes), and we picked a day with the most intense fog I've ever been in (definitely NOT the "merry and bright" I was going for), I kinda just gave up. We got a couple of mildly okay pictures, but I was not about to spend time and money making them into a Christmas card. We could have tried again, but you know how December goes. Too many other things occupying our time and minds, so sorry, no cute Christmas card. Instead I photoshopped the words "Merry Christmas" onto the very mediocre photo, and here you go. At least it was in a Christmassy font!

At any rate, we truly do wish our dear family and friends the merriest of Christmases. We are looking so forward to basking in these next few days of family, love, and faith, and wish for you all the same. May your holidays, unlike our photo, be merry and bright!


Anonymous said...

Liz don't kill me but I LIKED John's shirt and it is red you know and since when did yellow become an appropriate Christmas outfit color. I know your shirt matched four stripes of yellow in Penguin's tights, but I actually liked John's shirt better with her tights too. Sorry. You were the misfit in color, but otherwise but-i-ful...Have fun at the beach!!!


Jenny said...

I have to agree with your mom on John's shirt but I like yours too! They both match the tights:). I don't mind the fog either. It looks like a muted white background. I love your little family and how you share them with me! Merry Christmas. The beach sounds wonderful!

Mama Janet said...

Pictures turned out great, that family picture is awesome..