Friday, May 14, 2010

you might die

at how sweet and precious this little baby girl of mine is. Also, at how many pictures are in this post. But her folders of pictures just keep growing and growing, and I wanted to get caught up, so I decided to just dump them all into one big post and call it a day. So here we go.

These first few are from when she was still pretty tiny (a little over 4 weeks old). My mom had this perfect decorative bowl that we put her in to snap a few pictures. I didn't get exactly what I was looking for before the lil' Pea decided she was done, but here are a few that I liked:

Her hair goes all curly like this when it gets wet, which I adore.
This was about the time she decided she was done, but then
she fell asleep and gave us these sweet little pics:

When she woke up I took off the hat to show off that delicious dark hair, but she was pretty much done with laying in a bowl naked by that time. I did manage to get this one out of her though:

Since Pea is not my first baby and we wouldn't be having a shower, my dear Mama came up with a plan to have a little celebration for our girl with just our closest family where everyone (ie: each of my brothers and sisters, my dad, my uncle, my grandpa etc.) was in charge of getting a little something that they had picked out (or made) for her. It was so fun to see what people came up with, and mostly fun to just all be together and play games. My exceedingly talented aunt Kim (who, lucky me, also happens to be one of my most best friends) made my baby the most precious gifts. A beautiful, giant crocheted blanket, along with these darling little hats. Here is the baby wearing one at our little celebration:

I love the way she sleeps. I love watching her sleep. I love her, oh how I love her.

What do you know, it's that darling hat again. But this time, Pearlie is also sporting another handmade item from Kim-- the cutest personalized onesies in the world. This one says her name and has a little snail on it (Kim also made the one in the post below that says Baby Pear).

Pear girl can often be found with her hair in this really awesome wave. Once it dries and gets patted and touched enough, the little curls turn into a wave that would make Conan jealous. Also, her eyes are getting bluer and bluer by the day. They still look dark in some pictures, but when she is facing natural light you can tell that they are getting lighter and brighter.

I am not going to lie-- one of my favorite pastimes is picking out her outfits and getting her dressed. And while I love her little dark head plain, I also shamelessly love putting girly headbands on her.

She is smiling all the time now, and cooing back to us when we talk to her. She truly is
the most delightful and precious thing.

Everything about this baby makes me happy. Took these after church on Mother's Day. I loved toting this beauty along with me at church and beaming inside that she really is mine.


I love being her mama so, so much. I dream of her getting older and us being the best of friends the way my mom and I are and I feel so much gratitude that I was blessed with a GIRL this time. A little friend to make crafts or go shopping with when the boys go camping.

She seems to fill up with life and expression more every day. I love going through this stage again where these precious babies are just wide-eyed, taking everything in for the first time and starting to make connections. She knows who I am now, and when she is hungry she will be fine while someone else is holding her, but as soon as I get her, she starts rooting and grunting and getting mad until I feed her.

Love when she blows little spit bubbles.

Probably my favorite thing about her right now is the way that she nuzzles into my neck to fall asleep. Oh how I love having her face buried into me as she settles into the deep breaths of slumber. This must be what heaven will be like for me-- tiny babies to cuddle and lull to sleep in your arms as close to you as possible. I don't think there is anything better.


Teri [a foodie stays fit] said...

I am about to die. She is absolutely darling. Seriously, it makes me want to have one myself. :)

Scott and Cassidy Cowley said...

Oh Liz, Pearl is beautiful! I love all of the pic.'s

Teacher Mama said...

Thanks for all of the pics. They calmed me down on a stressful day at work. She is gorgeous!

Tiffany said...

Oh I just want to squeeze her! She is sooo gorgeous!! Her blue eyes are dazzling. I can't believe how much she has already changed. What a cutie!

Oh and I need to learn a thing or two from Kim! I love crocheting the little flowers but hers look way better....they are so cute on Pearl.

Katrina said...

Gorgeous girl, gorgeous photo, gorgeous mama!

And I'd still love to photograph you for my breastfeeding project if you're up for it. I need more little babies.

Jenny said...

liz, i need your email address so i can invite you to my blog. my email is
your daughter is gorgeous!!!! is her name Pearl? thats a cute name, jenny metcalf

joven said...

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Natalie Sue said...

She is so adorable! A perfect little doll! Her face is so beautiful. How fun to have a girl! I'm glad things are going so well for your cute family!

mandy said...

Soooooo cute Liz. For some reason she looks so old. Like her face looks old. Adorable.