Monday, May 03, 2010

the only good thing about a winter storm in May:

the crazy warm wind that blew it in-- absolutely perfect for kite flying!
As soon as J got home from work he grabbed the kites and our boy and they ran across the street to the park. Never one to miss out on fun, I bundled the little Pea up in her stroller and joined them.

I love all the blossoms on the trees, and how you can tell it was windy (you know, besides the kite way up in the sky) by the littered petals all through the grass.

As much as my husband would like to pretend that this kite flying business was all for G, it clearly wasn't. I love how G is walking over to visit his sister in the stroller and J is happily flying his kite.

Pretty soon we got G in on the action, and he was a kite flying pro. He LOVED running as fast as he could,
and then would occasionally stop to look back and make sure his kite was still flying high.

Flying a kite for the first time with your child is magic. It was the perfect storm of wild, warm wind, green grass, popcorn on trees, and a giggling little boy and it made my heart swell right up.
Messy, happy face and those bright eyes. The best.
And this little Pear hung out in her cozy stroller, cooing and smiling at the canopy.
Sometimes things feel overwhelming and crazy and I feel pretty spread thin, but then there are evenings filled with my husband home with us, little boys flying kites, and baby girls smiling at nothing and I can't believe how blessed I feel to be living this busy, happy life.


Jenny said...

So sweet! I always love looking at your pictures:).

Teacher Mama said...

Yeah! We have been flying kites too. We have had several outings to the church softball field. I might be fun to go out together, if we can catch the wind.