Thursday, March 11, 2010


My dear sweet beautiful boy,


You are sound asleep in your bed. I just went in to see you and you stirred when I bent down and kissed your face. You opened your eyes and when you saw me you smiled, sat up, held your arms up to me and said, "Cuddle, Mama." I gave you a short little hug and then you plopped back down in your bed, fast asleep. The next time I see you, you will likely not be my only baby here anymore. I have been up since 2 AM with contractions and now that it is about 5:30, they are getting more and more intense and your daddy and I need to head to the hospital. I want to wait until you are awake, but since I need to get some IV antibiotics in my system before the baby comes, I feel like we should go now. Oh my boy, I feel a mix of emotion in leaving you now. I am so excited to see you become a brother, to watch your tender heart grow for this little baby, and I know you will be such a kind, gentle brother. But I also wonder if you will feel confused and a little hurt that our attention will now be a little more spread out. I want you always to know that you were my first little love, and there is a sacred spot in my heart that has been carved out by you and you will always have it. I love you, little boy. So, so much. You are my little hero.




Katie said...

What a magical day you have ahead of you! Good luck! Families always have room for more love.

Amy said...

Good luck today! What a sweet letter to your baby G. He will make such a wonderful big brother.

Jenny said...

What a sweet post. I am so excited for you. Have a wonderful day! I think little G will LOVE everything about have a little sibling. We love you guys! Can't wait for the next post:).

Katrina said...

good luck today!

Ani said...

OH man. You really know how to tug at the heart strings. You are such a good mama!
Good luck! Can't wait to see photos!
My dad told my sister when she had her second, and third, and fourth, and now almost fifth, that your heart just keeps getting bigger. It is not that you love your first less to accommodate for the next, or give them less attention, you become capable of more!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you guys. You produce cute children and I think you should keep on doing it!! Your post almost made me cry. I loved it. Thanks for that inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Sweet sweet daughter,

I am so filled with emotion knowing what you are going through right now. An hour ago you were dilated to a 5 and your water broke. I know you will have a beautiful experience. Ben and I just asked G if he knew where you were and he said at the hospital. He says you are checking the baby, but he is very unimpressed with any suggestions that he will see the new baby today. We all love you and all three girls are asking to be checked out. Aunt Kim wants to pick Emma up from school and come now. Love you so much. Mom

Anonymous said...

I showed G your last post and he came up with his own comments..."Thank you for my Daddy. Thank you for my Mommy. Your welcome for my baby."

Big Brother G

The Edwards Family said...

Wow this post made me cry because it made me think of the day we went in to have Asher! I too went into Emery's room in the early morning and couldn't resist kissing her good bye. I knew that the next time I saw her her life would be forever changed. As hard as it was to think about, as soon as that tiny baby is placed in your arms you forget about all that and you realize that your life and the life of your first child is so much better! The baby will only add that much more love and fun to your family. Your heart has no choice but to love both your children so so much! What a great day for you today! Good luck. It sounds like from your mom's comment that things are moving along. Who knows...maybe your new sweetheart is already here. Enjoy your day and your quiet moments with your sweet newborn and husband. Life is a little crazier once you come home, but so fun! Can't wait to see your next post with pics of the newest little one!

Mama Janet said...

Aw, this is all so wonderful! Liz you did great! I loved how G acted with the new baby in the hospital. He was so tender and sweet. He said congratulations to the baby about 3 times when I came in, and kissed her and gently stroked her a dozen times. Plus climbed all over his Mommy, he didn't leave her side. He will be a great brother and has already been such a sweet little boy. He has such a peace making spirit about him. You made the transition!

Sassy Rachel said...

Oh I am teary! He is presh.

Ok so I need some major pics of this little girlie!!! Name??? More deets!!!

BTW: LOVE the tile work in the bathroom!!!

Love you girl and so happy you have a baby girl to balance out the of each, we love it! So many people would say to us, and still do occasionally, "One of each, just a perfect little family." implying that we must be done and no need to have more. Maybe that will happen to you:) Funny:)

Love you

mandy said...

I'm so Excited for you. I'm dying to hear some details!!
What a sweet letter for George. I remember crying a few times (those dang hormones!) near the end of my pregnancy because I was sad it would no longer be Mya and mommy...Mya has taken it all so well!
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

take your own child to the hospital with you, and watch over him yourself for a change. i'm so tired of having to bail you out at 5 in th AM, just so you can continue being lazy parents. GOSH!

ps your baby is too little. try feeding it more.