Wednesday, March 10, 2010

bathing and waiting

A few Saturdays ago I woke up to pounding in the bathroom. I went to investigate and found my two boys ripping out the tile and bathtub. This was a project that we had sort of toyed around with, but I had no idea my husband was just going to go for it one morning. I think it was some form of male nesting, because he really wanted me to have a brand new bathtub to soak in during the early stages of labor and to be able to bathe our newborn in. I wasn't going to complain, that is for sure (although my nesting instincts were going completely crazy while I had to deal with the sheetrock dust and debris scattered about all through my house).

G really does think he is an indispensable asset in these projects, and he is so lucky to have a daddy that not only doesn't mind him being in the way constantly, but actually delights in teaching his little boy how to sand mud down and mix grout properly.

G wasn't exactly useful at all points of the project, however, and he was occasionally shut in his room with paints and/or play dough. But after only a few days of work and/or art projects, we have a new bathroom that looks like
and G has loved taking baths
and then wrapping up in his dragon towel afterward. 
I have also greatly benefitted from this new bathroom. I would not have ever gotten in our old tub (it was so small and old, and while it worked for bathing my little boy, it was not appealing for a relaxing bath AT ALL) , and I am pretty sure I have gotten in the new bath at least daily (sometimes twice a day) for the past week. I don't often post about how truly remarkable the man that I married is, but you all should know that I am filled to the brim with gratitude for my dear husband, and to me, he sets the sun.

(Clearly I am still pregnant, in case you were curious :). Lots of contractions lately, but nothing crazy. Still just waiting. Bathing and waiting.)


Danica Osborn said...

what an angel to do that for you!!! looks great.

i've been checking back daily to see if you posted about a new baby! still playing the waiting game, i see. can't wait to hear how everything goes!!! good luck!

Mama Janet said...

Yea! I'm so glad you got your tub in. It looks wonderful by the way I'm so happy for you two and can't wait for my new Mothers Day Grandbaby????

Teacher Mama said...

Yes, J is wonderful. The bathroom looks glorious! I can wait to see the baby post. She is so beautiful. I have been thinking of her all day long!!! Logan does NOT understand why she does not have a name. He asked if when she grows up, she'll remember it. Funny. Please let me know when you have chosen it so he can calm down.