Monday, October 19, 2009

weekly roundup

I take pictures almost every single day, but I only post about 20% of them on this blog. I like to keep my posts somewhat organized and themed, and it is hard for me to just put up a bunch of random pictures that don't have anything to do with each other in one post. But I've started to re-think my ways. I want to document more of our simple days. I already take the pictures-- I just need to write about them. So I am going to try to do a "Weekly Roundup" post here and there. Maybe they will happen often, maybe they will be sparse, but I am going to make more of an effort to chronicle all the little things that are going on around here. Starting now.

When my husband's dad was going through treatment for brain cancer he often wore those beret-type hats. We have many, many pictures of him wearing those hats, and whenever I see that style of hat in Baby G's size my heart flutters and I can't help but want him to wear it and be like his grandpa. Baby G has a couple of them now, and this past Sunday he wore one to church. He looked so handsome and sweet, and the whole day I could see parts of his grandpa in him. I hope the beret isn't the only thing those two will have in common-- Baby G is so blessed to have some of that incredible man's blood running through his veins.
Baby G insists on carrying his "Book of Mormots" to church like Mommy and Daddy.

Not sure where this face came from, but it makes me smile.

Love his hands in pockets and that his pants are getting flood-ish-- tall boy.

Our nightly routine lately consists of Daddy reading the books and Mommy singing the songs. When I came in the room to start my part (after the reading was done) Baby G was laying on J's lap, looking up at him and they were telling a "Sodo Story." I wanted to remember the way they looked, so I took a picture.

We had to run up Milcreek Canyon on Friday to retrieve the diaper bag that we had left there at a wedding a couple of weeks ago. If you know my husband (and son) you will know that of course we stopped to collect bugs and play in the river.
See Baby G over there in the corner fixing his "fishing pole" while J dips his net thing in the water to collect bugs? I love boys.
One morning last week J stayed home from work and took Baby G to a sporting goods store (to buy some shoes) while I went running with my neighbor. When they got home, Baby G was proudly wielding a real, metal, destructive bat. And J hadn't gotten any shoes. 
We went to a pumpkin patch (along with the rest of the valley) for family night. Baby G seemed to only like the pumpkins that were still green or rotting or really ugly, but we let him choose his own anyway. I love the mountains that we have as a backdrop. 

I had to include this one because it shows how Baby G grabs your face ferociously when giving kisses.
And lastly, this is one of those things that I didn't have any clue that would bring me such delight, but holy cow, folding these little boy underwear and piling them up to go back into Baby G's drawer filled me right up on Sunday night. J and I were folding a load of laundry and I couldn't help but go through and find all those little underwear and stack them up and just look at how cute they were. J thought I was a little crazy, and maybe I am, but doesn't this picture make you fill with happiness, too? It is the same feeling I got when I ironed a tiny church shirt on a Sunday morning for the first time-- something about the realization that I am living this life as a mama to this little boy. Little happy moments in underwear, I know, it's a little silly.


Katie said...

I think you're cute!

Lemme said...

SO CUTE!!! and...we have that same space picture in our nursery...i love it!

the mama monster said...

little boys in their undies make me smile too! i love buying the boys cute undies and they love picking them out. i seriously am dying at how cute the pictures of baby g in his church clothes. he has an old fashioned little boy look that i just love.

Jenny said...

I had tears in my eyes reading about baby G's grandpa. I have so many fond memories of my Uncle. I loved him so much and think of him often. My boys never did know their grandpa either and we love to tell them things about him. I like to think of him as their guardian angel. I know he has been with them many times! I LOVE reading your blog. Thanks for the peeks into your life:).

Anonymous said...

Yew! Boys don't wear undies! they wear boxers!

Patty said...

Your posting are so well written and so up lifting. I love seeing all the pictures of Baby G. Maybe the outfits were Baby g missing the farm in Montana. HEE HEE

Teacher Mama said...

Crying. Thanks for this post. I loved it.

Mama Janet said...

Oh my goodness...thanks for sharing with heaven and earth and binding them in a blog. I could barely read for watery eyes. Can hugs come through the internet, I think so.

Anonymous said...

Liz, I love your blog and family. Thanks for sharing. Greg R

Sassy Rachel said...


Life has been so crazy lately I haven't gotten to look at blogs, and I finally got all caught up and what exciting news I found! AHHHHHHHH!

ALSO...Please please please move here! Oh that would be so fun! I'm so glad you're feeling so great and I just love all your cute pics. The cowboy pics made me laugh out loud. So cute. What a joy your boys are:)

G is so cute in his Sunday duds!

Please move here!Love you!

Katrina said...

First, congrats!!!! i was wondering if you were pregnant since several months ago you commented that you were hoping to be. Very exciting! You look amazing.

Second, I love your photos. G is so darling.

Third, I need to add you to my blog roll so that I remember to check your blog for regularly.

Congrats again! If you ever want to talk natural birth, I'm your girl. I'm planning on a homebirth for the next one.