Friday, October 09, 2009

i'm having a really, really good day...

...and I think this is mostly why:
When I got home from my morning run/walk I found these two boys out in the front yard in cowboy hats and boots. I was laughing so hard at the basketball shorts (with paint stains) and boots combo that I couldn't even ask why on earth they were dressed in cowboy attire.
My husband was on the phone, pacing the yard like it was totally normal. I ran in to grab the camera and managed to get the boys near each other for a quick picture, and then they both went back to their business of walking in the front yard looking like crazies. I just laughed. I'm sure there was a reason for this get-up, but I never really did find out what it was (something about getting out a fishing hat, which led to Baby G wanting his hat, then the boots, then wanting Daddy to put on his boots, too). But why, really, were they in the front yard? Perhaps just to make the neighbors laugh.
I can't stop grinning about it whenever I think of it. Oh how I love living with these two people!


Katie said...

Where did you find such a cute cowboy outfit?

The Frogley's said...

Lis this is so cute!!! Mark and I were laughing so hard when we saw J in his outfit! Lol so funny. Congrats on the pregnancy we had no idea...obviously...but we are so excited for you guys! That is awesome that baby #2 will be a fun. What is your official due date then?

Mama Janet said...

Oh Johnny O Johnny, how you can be funny! I love little Matt Dillion and Clint, I guess you found your Halloween they're practicing for Halloween.

Teacher Mama said...

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dt g 8 hiyrdtstdhkhjgdy gdfzfdgghj.

That is a note from Logan.

About 3 times a day he asks, "Can I see a funny picture of Georgie?"

Mandy and Roger Woodhouse said...

ha ha. Typical sproul. Typical Sproul.