Friday, September 18, 2009

this little light of mine

Have I told you lately how much I adore two-year-old little boys? All the mischief, silliness, chasing of balls, telling of stories, and playing in dirt? I jotted a note down in an Area Stake Conference once (long before I was married or had children) where President Monson said something about how he loved seeing small children in church and counseled parents not to be too stressed if they weren't as reverent as you'd like because of "all of that spirit crammed into such a small body." I remember smiling at that sweet thought, and now I love it even more because I know so well how much spirit these little ones possess.

My not-so-much-of-a-baby Baby G is still gentle and mild, but he has also definitely gotten more attitude. He asserts himself with other children a little more now (thank goodness), and though he still would never be the kid on the playground hitting another one, I don't think he would let all the other kids push him around as much as he used to. Yesterday we were at my cousin's football game and Baby G was running around the stands with a bunch of other little kids. A little girl got hurt and was walking down the stairs crying. Baby G watched her for a second and then started following her down the stairs, leaning his head down to her, and softly saying, "It's okay, it's okay." She turned around, yelled at him and pushed him in the tummy. I saw this all happen so I was quick to let my son know that he was being a good friend and a nice boy because I so badly didn't want her reaction to squelch any of his innate compassion for her. He really has a tender, kind heart.
One of my favorite things that he loves to do right now is tell "Sodo Stories." I don't know where these stories started, but a few months ago he somehow came up with the name "Sodo" for a little boy that he loves to help tell stories about. He will say, "I want a Sodo Story, Mama," and then I proceed to say, "Once upon a time there was a little boy named ________." Baby G fills in the blank with "Sodo!" Then I make up a random story about Sodo, leaving words out for Baby G to fill in. I have been shocked at some of the words he comes up with, and am always amazed at how well he pays attention and makes complete sense with what is going on in the story. I feel like this little game has been so good for his creative thinking and listening abilities, and the stories continue to get more complex and involved as we go. Try this with your little ones. It is so incredible to see their little brains in action.
The other day we were driving somewhere and were near one of the temples by our house. Baby G loves temples (we've been to two temple open houses in the past few months), so we decided to drive right in front of it to get a closer look. I am possibly a bad mother, but I hadn't ever taught Baby G about the Angel Moroni statue on the top. I've probably pointed it out or something, but I've not ever explained who it was or anything. So we are sitting there looking up at the temple and from the backseat we hear, "What that girl is doing way up there on her mission?" I guess it makes sense that he would think Moroni was a girl; he is wearing a robe-like dress. But the mission thing is a mystery. We've never specifically talked about missions with him. I am guessing he may have learned about missions in nursery or something and associated that with the temple somehow. Anyway, it cracked us up.
We walked into my aunts house (we are visiting them in Idaho this weekend) and as we entered the doorway Baby G casually looked around and announced, "Your house looks good, Kim!"

We have never once had Trix cereal in our house. So when we were at the grocery store the other day walking down the cereal aisle I was very surprised to hear him say, "I want Trix, Mom. I want Trix are for kids!" I just gave him a puzzled look and under my breath muttered, "Where does he get this stuff?" He answered my question (that I hadn't actually intended as a question for him) with, "Papa. Papa says that." Then I realized that of course my father had taught him all about Trix and Trix being for kids a couple of months back on a motorhome trip in which much sugary cereal was consumed. I just can't believe he remembered it.
My mom was watching him last week and she overheard him say something was the "bomb dot com." I've heard him say it again at least twice. On Sunday when I was getting him dressed for church he protested, "I don't wanna wear these freaking pants, Mom." I laughed, but I also am aware now that I may want to cut down on my use of the word "freaking."
There are so many fun, quirky, sweet things about this little boy. I wish I was better about writing them all down, but here's a start. I'll likely be posting like this more often to preserve these memories for him.


the mama monster said...

liz he is so cute and you are such a loving mom. i love hearing all the funny things that baby g is saying. aren't kids hilarious? i love that he thought moroni was a lady and that he said freaking!

Anonymous said...

You and your son are just beautiful!!! gma

Camie, Juan, and Leyna said...

He's so stinking cute. Kids are so much fun! I can't wait to see you guys. We'll be there in a little over a week! I'm so excited to see everyone and you cute funny little boy. See you soon!

Mandy and Roger Woodhouse said...

kids say the darnest things.
I loved all your pictures. Your stories about George made me laugh. What a cute kid with a great personality.
Mya gets very concerned when she sees other kids cry too...

Thistlerose said...

hey, our romania friend angelyn asked me today what songs you had on your rom. video. i gave her your hotmail addy (although i'm not sure if you still check it) and this blog address to get ahold of you. didn't think you'd mind.

te pup!

Sassy Rachel said...

Oh he is so precious liz!

What a trip you had with your fam! WOW! So fun. I love all your amazin pics.

G is so "freakin" adorable:)Today Ella was trying to put her shoes on the wrong feet and said, "Oh you stupid shoes." Hey, you're a better mother than I.

We had a chat about that word indeed:)

Mama Janet said...

His little antics are so adorable. I love him so much and he looks so much like John it makes me smile.