Sunday, October 07, 2007

A note from Baby G

Dear Loyal Blog Readers,Since my mommy is my favorite person I decided to give her a break and write this post myself. Isn't that a cute picture of me up there? I can't believe how smart I am-- I figured out how to post these pictures of what I have been up to lately all by myself. Typing is kind of hard since I don't have complete control of my limbs yet, but I'll do my best to give you all an update.

Mommy keeps taking off my clothes and taking my picture. It makes me so mad that I pump my fists on my chest like this:

I love sleeping in my Halloween jammies. I sleep best with at least one arm above my head.

Speaking of Halloween, here is one of the many costumes my mom has considered for my first night of trick-or-treating. She keeps telling me to stop growing so much so that I'll still fit in it, but I am naughty and don't want to listen.I really love my Uncle B. I am going to miss him lots and lots when he leaves on his mission in 3 days, but at least I know how to type so I can send him letters whenever I want.
I love it when my mommy holds me and we fall asleep together. Her arms are so cozy. And look, daddy is so nice. He sleeps on the floor in front of us to keep guard and protect us from the boogey man.
I am a little concerned in this picture because it is starting to get too cold to wear the handsome outfit that cousin Ash gave me. I love it so much and will be really sad when mommy tells me I can't wear it anymore.
I am mad because this picture makes it look like my neck isn't strong enough to hold my head up all by myself. Who stuck their dumb arm in this picture anyway? I am totally strong enough to sit up in my bumbo seat all alone now, and I love it.
I really love playing with my cousin L but I can't figure out why he is always trying to pull my hair.
Mommy and Daddy like to go out to dinner, and I like it too, but in this picture I was sick of being ignored in my seat so I was telling them to pick me up and let me have some of daddy's steak.

It was lots of fun to go up to the W* family cabin and see all the pretty fall leaves.
There, wasn't that fun? That's what we've been up to lately. We are all happy and having so much fun. Mommy and daddy tell keep telling me I'm perfect, and I guess I am because look, I can make this cool wavy face with my lips:
Love always,
Baby G


Jessica said...

It is crazy how fast they grow up. I cant believe how big he looks already. Those are some really cute pictures. He is a very smart little boy!

Ash B said...

He is too cute for words! I definitely need to catch up with you. :)

Thistlerose said...

awwww... ce dragut! and what an amazing vocab he has...

Woodhouse Clan said...

Wow... what a cute blog George! I am very impressed. I'm going in to be induced today-- your little girlfriend will be here soon. Just keep being cute for the adorable pictures your mama takes. They look like they could be in magazines.
(Yep Liz, i'm getting induced today! I've been meaning to call but we've been so busy! Text ya when she comes!)

Ash B said...

I tried leaving another comment the other day, but it didn't work.

I was telling you that I deleted your email, so I'm not sure how to get hold of you. So you should email me so I have it. :)


Rachel said...

Oh he is such a doll. He is getting so big Liz! I just adore him and can't wait to squish him someday:)