Monday, October 22, 2007

Does it make me a bad mom if...

...I dress my baby up in multiple costumes to see which one he likes better for Halloween?
(because it is, after all, all about what he wants and has nothing to do with what I think is cutest. But just for the record, which one do you think is cutest? Ya know, just in case Baby G wants some input)
seriously, can you get over that skunk tail?
What about if I prop him up on a few pumpkins for a picture?
(notice how cold he looks here... that definitely adds to the bad mom points)
Or how about laying him on some?
(note the smile in this picture... I get some points back for that one)
What if I let my baby watch T.V.?
(but what if it was General Conference and I really only let him watch it for the purpose of this picture?)
What about if I keep my baby up to all hours of the night just so that we can watch the BYU football game at a noisy sports grill?
(though it's hardly my fault that the MTN is the lamest channel in the world and is only broadcast on Comcast. I mean, really, who (other than sports grills) has Comcast?)
And lastly, what if I tickle my baby to hear his laugh even though I can tell it is practically torture for him?
(pretty please try and tune out my very obnoxious voice and pony tail in this video)

In other news, hasn't this fall been beautiful?


ericandbrookesblog said...

What a horrible mom!!!! He's getting so big and sooooo cute. i like both costumes, but I'm partial to monkey's because we always called alaura our little monkey.

Jessica said...

I think the monkey costume is so cute. I love his pilot cap too. My mom just got me one for my baby.

Rachel said...

I vote the monkey...He is the cutest little guy ever! That video is precious and made me feel like I was standing by Jon in your living room watching this scenerio take place.

You are the farthest thing from a bad mom and I think the pumpkin picture is priceless. Hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do...he'll be grateful someday b/c his wife will think it's the cutest thing ever:)

Woodhouse Clan said...

i like the monkey. The ears are too cute. I have a little cat outfit for Mya. And ust want to say you really take the cutest pictures of your boy. :)
Thanks for everything dear.

The Anderson's said...


You know I am all about being creative... especially with the little ones (even though I don't have one.. YET!) Well, hopefully you won't loose him in the pumpkins and he had better be watching those U of U games on the mountain too Lou. John, are you fishing right now!? Hopefully so, miss you two... drop us a line and let us know how you are doing! We are warming up for a house warming shin dig... be expectant!

Matt and Sadie

PS- What's your e-mail?