Thursday, May 12, 2011

circa 1978

There is a post about our chickies in the works, but in the meantime doesn't this picture make you believe that it is 1978 and Pea and I are hippie swingers? (Swingers as in, people who like to swing, not the other definition, thankyouverymuch.) Perhaps it's the stripes, the green sunglasses, and the bellbottoms?
(Pearl and Mama at a park in Spanish Fork, May 10, 2011)


Sassy Rachel said...

I am in love with your blog, children, camera, pictures...and yes you (in a sisterly kind of way, ya know:) Your children are gorgeous and I am needing to repent from the coveting of your camera and pictures of your kids right now.

I particularly LOVE Pea's chubby thighs:) LOVE THEM. Oh and her eyelashes are amazing as well. Your littles are so beautiful...and so are you Missy. When can I ever see you again, huh?

Mama Janet said...

Good to see you two beautiful hippie girls. Cool swing in Spanish Fork. Can't wait to see how our baby chickens are doing!

Katie said...

Cute pic. Yes, I never went into labor with Lucy. I have pelvic distotia (I think that's what it's called). At any rate, the baby never drops, I never dilate, etc etc. My Mom & sister have the same "thing". SO I have planned c-sections and they are actually pretty sweet ;)