Thursday, October 14, 2010


Yes, that is my son eating an ice cream sandwich for breakfast. Let me tell you why. A few months ago a very nice old lady in our ward dropped off a package of ice cream sandwiches at our house. We must not like them that much because the poor things are still languishing in our freezer. Anyway, the other morning George ran out into the kitchen to meet John when he came in from his early morning job, and G must've spotted the box in the freezer. When George came back into the bedroom he asked me if he could have an ice cream sandwich, and had clearly been sent in by his daddy to see if that was okay. Well I don't like to ALWAYS be the one to say no to things like ice cream sandwiches for breakfast, so I told him to go back and ask daddy, thinking that John would say no, of course. Ha. A few minutes later G came bounding back in the room with an ice cream sandwich in tow, happily chomping off bite after bite. Since my kiddos happened to be wearing coordinating jammies that morning I had wanted to snap a few pictures of them, but I had not planned for ice cream sandwiches to be involved. Oh well. When I asked John why he thought it had been a good idea for our son to eat ice cream for breakfast he looked at me like I was the biggest party pooper in the world and said, "It's just like eating cereal for breakfast except the milk is frozen." Oh, silly me, of course it is, we'll have ice cream sandwiches for breakfast from now on.

Maybe try to look past the ice cream sandwich and just see a brother and sister in matching pjs, mmmkay?

Once the ice cream was gone G moved on to trains and was kind enough to let his sister observe. As long as she didn't grab the tracks :).

She didn't seem to mind not getting a turn. But check out the sweet, happy face she got when she grabbed a spare piece of track to play with.

What she was really after was a train. Blast those short little arms!

I so love that Pea is getting big enough to be entertained by her brother for decent stretches of time. Giving George a little friend is the best parenting decision we've made yet :).

Her activity of choice may have been sucking on the trains, while his was playing with them, but they were doing it together, and this whole sibling thing is truly so much more dreamy and joyful than I could have ever known.

Oh my firstborn. He is still such a treasure and delight to me. Such a precious soul this little boy has, and I am so grateful that he came first to pave the way for the ones that will come after.


Maggie said...

Your kids are so darling! I can really see what special little spirits they are. I love watching my children interract with each other, children need other children.

The story of my saying "no," and Gavin saying "yes." I think that is just the way it is.

balanne said...

babyes beatiful..

Mama Janet said...

I love the pink and blue pj's and ice cream sandwiches for breakfast. Rememind me of
Bill Cosby's stories on chocolate cake:)

Katrina said...

i got these exact same jammies for A and M to be their christmas jammies. :)