Monday, October 04, 2010

my three

Yesterday after the second session of conference we drove up American Fork Canyon (toward the Alpine Loop). The (soon-to-be) biologist that I am married to needed to bury some wires in the stream to get some data (or something), and I thought it would be fun to take a few photos of the kiddies up in the fall foliage. I hadn't necessarily planned on taking photos with John and me in them, but we ended up in a few, and I am so happy about that because I now have a few priceless pictures of my three favorite people in the world.


I can't believe the joy that I feel when I see these and think that these three people really are my family-- my very own little family. I feel so very blessed.

Many other photos were taken. I will post more eventually. For now I just want to look at these :).

*Adventures of near-death (from fear) fishing stories to come soon. I know, you are on the edge of your seat. *


Mama Janet said...

What a special shot, and so precious to see those beautiful little faces. Where was the tripod when I wanted it? WHAT????

Becca said...

Beautiful photos of beautiful people.

Amanda said...

Beauitful photos of your family! I am really on the edge of my seat waiting for your fishing stories...:)

Anonymous said...

Whose your fourth?

Teacher Mama said...

I am VERY anxiously awaiting the near bear attack post. John said the scenery on the drive was worth the trauma. I need proof.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should take a picture of your bruise Liz, and post it!

Anonymous said...

I LOVED seeing you and your precious children this week! It was so much fun, too, to spend time with all of my Aunts and Uncles. And to be with your Mom and Kim and Ted felt so good to me! I feel so inadequate that I haven't planned get togethers or reunions for us...I love all of you so much and value our kinship more than you can imagine. ok, this is kind of just a test to see if I can post, I'll write more later if this works! xxoo, Aunt Terry

Sassy Rachel said...

Ok I am ready to eat your children. They are delicious!!! Oh they are so darling Lizzy! Straight out of a mag.

So, I'm in awe that you trust your son with paints in his room during nap time...sorry, but are you nuts?! Am I missing something? Looks totally fun, just think you're brave that's all:)

I can't believe how big Pearl is getting. She is a china doll. Love her.

Can you come out here and take pics of my kids? Wow, you're pics are amazing. Love them!

Anonymous said...

Hey Terry,

My email is We should write each other more often. You are awesome and I really do think we need to get together more! My mom sure does love you! And your sweet husband too. Oh, and she said Jessica's baby Kennedy is just an absolutely beautiful little thing. Can't wait to see her.
(Thanks Liz for being the go-between!)