Wednesday, June 09, 2010

a lil' blessing for our lil' one

Last Sunday was our baby girl's Blessing Day. It was a beautiful, sunny day. There are few things more precious in this life than being given a glimpse of all the divine potential bottled up in these tiny people that we are raising, and Sunday was a day that I could feel the bigness of my baby girl's spirit. When I let myself take her in like that I am so overwhelmed with the responsibility I have to help her become that person. I pray every day that I can be who she needs me to be so that the goodness that she is so full of right now will remain in her forever.

The day started out with her little white dress, a symbol of her beautiful innocence.

I had to wake her to get her ready in time for church, and when I finally had time to stop and just soak her in I was overcome by her pure, precious soul.

I am in love with this baby. (And why didn't her daddy tell me to take the burp cloth off of my shoulder for this picture?)

After Sacrament Meeting was over, we went to the park across from our house for a little brunch with family and friends. Sadly I did not get photos of everyone, but here are the few I did take.

My best friend Rachael, and her mom and sister with Pearlie.

John's mom, aunt, sister, and cousins.

Pearl with her great-grandparents on my side. (Take note of the beautiful white blanket-- my Aunt Kim crocheted it for Pearlie and it is the softest blanket I've ever felt.)

Pear Baby with her daddy and Aunt Lisa.

A four-generation picture of my grandma, my mom, me, and my girl.

And a few shots of us.

Mama and babe.

Our perfectly even family-- daddy and his girl, mama and her boy.

Georgie was there, too, but was way too busy having fun to stop for many pictures. These are the only decent ones I got.

The guest of honor, though? She was perfectly still and content to let me take as many photos of her as I wanted. And I wanted a lot.

Little smiler.

Um, are you obsessed with her? We are. Totally obsessed.

I loved her little blessing dress. All the pretty, old fashioned details were perfectly my style, and I especially loved that it wasn't super long and you could still see those chubby little legs and feet.

And don't even get me started on the little bonnet. Yummy.

We took off the dress and let Baby Girl just hang out in the sweet little matching slip for a bit.

And after everyone had left and she had changed into something a little more comfortable, she passed out on the couch. This is quite possibly my favorite picture of her ever. I love those limp little arms and deliciously chubby legs. And her sweet face, oh that cherubic little face. Melts me.

The good news is, after this post, even if you weren't able to make it to the blessing you pretty much can say that you did :).


Katie said...

I love Baby Pearl and I LOVE her legs!!!

TeriLyn said...

These pictures are beautiful. And seriously, Baby Pearl absolutely melts me. She is an insanely beautiful baby.

Lemme said...

she's such the most gorgeous baby!! and you're so eloquent! when my baby is blessed, i'm coming back to this post to copy and paste your first!

Jenny said...

liz, seriously. pearl is gorgeous!!!!!!!! and george too.

Tiffany said...

She is so beautiful! I love her chubby legs too! And her beautiful blue eyes just melt my heart! Wish we could have been there for her special day. Hopefully we can meet her when we come visit. :)

em&m said...

P is absolutely one of the most beautiful babies. I can't ask for tips on how you did that, however, you also take the most beautiful pictures. Teach me!

the mama monster said...

pearl is soooooo pretty. she looks alot like rachel to me. i love the 4 generations picture. you look so pretty and happy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jackie. And fat! Me!


Mama Janet said...

Awe, these are so precious. I love that you caught the memories so well. Thanks for these gifts, and mostly Pear, thanks for being such a gracious Mother!

mandy said...

She is sooooo cute! It brings back memories editing your family videos when you were little... she looks so much like a twede to me....