Tuesday, June 08, 2010

frog hunting

Yesterday for Family Night we went over to John's sister's house to do plant a few things in her garden and have a campfire in the backyard. The surprise bonus for the little boys was a big bucket with three frogs inside. Once they warmed up to the idea of holding them they had so much fun. I am in love with these pictures because they are all things boy-- filthy faces, dirt-stained hands, reptiles, and sly little grins. As much as I adore my baby girl (did you get that memo?), I would be content to have only boys from here on out. There is something about curious, mischievous, dirty, playful, naughty little boys that I simply cannot get enough of. My heart beats hard and fast for my boy, in a way that only he can elicit.



Amy said...

Oh these are so cute!

Katie said...

Love it!

Emily said...

I agree. There is just something so special about little boys. And I love those 2 cute little boys so much. They look adorable holding those frogs. I don't think I could get Trev to do that. LOL

Mama Janet said...

You captured such a choice moment, and I love it too! How blessed are little boys when they meet frogs, lizards, or little toads.

Teacher Mama said...

This post made me very happy. I'm glad George did not want to be alone all night. :)

the mama monster said...

i love them! my boys would be in heaven. there is definatly something about naughty little boys that makes my heart swell!