Tuesday, February 09, 2010

tummy dreaming

If you have a large one of these:
(and I do)

and a nice one of these:
(and I do)

and you miss laying on your tummy so bad that it hurts,

then head to the craft store for some of this:
your husband and son can do all the measuring and slicing (and sneezing-- check out my tool wielding baby),

and pretty soon you'll have one of these:
and you can happily do this:
and not look or feel pregnant, which is kinda fun.

And if you have a two-year old, he'll surely want in on the action, too:

This little project was completely the brainchild of my thoughtful husband, and he INSISTED on making it, even when the foam was a little more pricey than I would've spent. I am lucky, I know.


The Frogley's said...

What a great idea!! You have one clever husband. :D George is sooooooo cute too. What a good little helper.

A Farmers Wife said...

I've got to make one of these next time! What a cute blog. And a cute little boy! I'm so excited for you and for your next baby. It will be so neat to hear about your birth story! It's been fun getting to know you in class too! Good luck with everything!
If you want, email me your email address and I'll invite you to my blog too. :) doulanataliesue@gmail.com.

Lemme said...

i love it!!! i see pregnant ladies on the beach a lot with their bellies in a hole that they've dug!! can't be brown on the front and white on the back!!

Adam said...

nice photo of george mid-sneeze.

Mama Janet said...

Hey, you need a patent for this.

Emily said...

Amazing...Why didn't I think of that! I agree, you better patent that thing and make your millions!

Bryan and Christy Clark said...

that is the best idea! i will have to try that with our next one! and definitely patent!

Sassy Rachel said...

GENIUS!!! SIMPLY GENIUS! I have never thought of that, but I am loving it! I bet that felt so good. You don't even look prego!! :)

Your trip with your hubby looked divine and I've settled on the fact we need to take a roadie to San Diego now:) Love that place. You gotta do the getaways. I can't believe you're 35 weeks! Crazy! I need more pics of the profile girl, and that cute little tummy. It's not nearly big enough for 35 weeks:)

Brooke said...

You look so cute!!! What a great idea!! Glad to see you're doing well

mandy said...

CLASSIC. Wow. I can totally see you two sitting around at home... laughing, taking pictures, making your own little homemade belly sleeper. You should start a business.. I bet you'd make big moolah! yeah!