Thursday, May 07, 2009

dream job preview

A couple of days ago I walked into the living room to find the little one trying on his daddy's shoes. He said, "I na (wanna) go work, Mama. I na go work [in] Daddy's shoes." Little cutie. Too bad those aren't actually his dad's "work" shoes-- that would just be too good to be true. Maybe one day his dad's dreams will all come true and he will be able to wear fishing shoes to "work" every day :).
I love that the shoes are almost as long as Baby G's legs are.
Tall, skinny boy. Definitely his dad's body.
Showing off his belly button. A favorite pastime now that it is warm enough to not be wearing the snappy undershirts under his clothes.
After I took these pictures he said, "I na see!" So I showed him the pictures. While he was looking at them he broke out into a grin and exclaimed, "Wear Don's shoes! Jojie (which is what he refers to himself as in the third person) wear Donny's shoes!" Lately he has been calling his daddy by his first name (which isn't Don, but rhymes with Don and starts with a J) from time to time. It always cracks me up.

This boy is constant entertainment, that's for sure. We'll keep him.


Lucy, Marc and Katie said...

Lucy is loving to show off her belly too these days.

Teacher Mama said...

Yeah, Logan calls us by our first names too. He is a cutie. Let's get together this weekend.

GregR said...

Happy Mother's Day! How cute is Donny! he's a darling BOY!

Mama Janet said...

Just checking out my favorite blog since I remembered my password and can have my own name on my comment~

Kim said...

Look at his adorably chubby knees!