Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Places that changed my mind.
Faces that changed my heart.
It is because of these people that my life will (hopefully) never be the same. Today I needed to be reminded.
(All are worthy of a post of their own, but after getting so wordy on the previous post, tonight you just get pictures. Maybe one day I will tell you their stories. They deserve to be told.) On a walk; Kumasi, Ghana; 2002

Children's hospital; Cape Coast, Ghana; 2002

Boys working to build LDS Chapel; Accra, Ghana; 2002

Burn victims in LUTH; Lagos, Nigeria; 2002

Playing with the kids; Masia Mara village in Kenya; 2002
My official welcome to the village; Masai Mara village in Kenya; 2002

Meeting with the Chief; Samburu village in Kenya; 2002

Loving me some orphans; Iasi, Romania; 2004
Visiting the new orphanage; La Paz, Bolivia; 2004

The orphan who never leaves my mind; Iasi, Romania; 2005
Anyone ready to go back with me?


em&m said...

Me. I'd love to go with you.

Emily said...! I'll go. These are great pictures and good reminders. I still think of our babies often.

KaCHeRS said...

YES! Liz - it KILLS me that I'm so close to Romania and just can't make it there. I've considered renting a car and driving with Riley ... it's so tempting but also far enough away. I had never seen those pictures from Africa. I can't wait to hear there stories.

Scott and Cassidy Cowley said...

YES PLEASE! I'm dead serious I would love to go back and share the experience with Scott. I had no idea how many service expeditions you've been on. Way to go Liz!

Teacher Mama said...

I'm ready to jump ship any time.

Kim said...

I wish I were rich, to travel and to help and to adopt! My heart is full tonight, I want to go back with you...if you ever go again, seriously I would totally go!

Jessica said...

I would love to do something like that.

Ani said...

Those are the neatest pictures! I love them all! I remember you sharing some stories in our classes, I was always so impressed with all of the service you had done.

GregR said...

Hey thanks for sharing these wonderful memories. Crystal and Ionuts just got back from there. When you go can I come?

Jill said...

Ok so how did you get to do all then things? I was in Ghana last year and loved it! I cant wait to go back.

mightybob said...

boy howdy, am i ready...

Sassy Rachel said...

Yes...just tell me when and I am there. Wow, the places you've been...amazing