Thursday, November 13, 2008

fall '08 a little late

In an attepmt to completely overwhelm you all with photos I am going to go ahead and lump all of our fallish adventures into one large, over-sharing post. Please enjoy.
The fun began when we headed up the canyon to do some colored leaf collecting from these trees: The trees really were almost fluorescent. Baby G got his exercise as he tried to negotiate running (sort of) up the hillside through weeds taller than him on uneven ground (read: he fell a lot).
Oh the fallishness! We are only sort of bad parents for letting our child wander around outside in October with his shoes off-- we had a pretty mild fall.And this is where our fall adventures blow yours completely out of the water. Sure you went up the canyon and saw the leaves, too. But did you catch a glimpse of this as you wandered around?I didn't think so. Yes, that is what you think it is-- a grown man in a knight costume having a professional photo shoot up in the woods. Totally normal. Yes, I did laugh about this the entire way down the canyon. And also yes, I still pull it out on occasion when I need a good chuckle.

Our pumpkin adventures started where most of yours did. Baby G took his time at the pumpkin patch selecting the perfect one.This is where we are most likely a little different. Probably most of you didn't make your small children push the wheelbarrow full of pumpkins. Probably most of you let the small children ride in the wheelbarrow with the pumpkins. Not us. In our family we subscribe to the theory that the purpose of having children in the first place is so that they can do all the heavy lifting.
This is us doing the same thing as millions of other families around the world-- carving the pumpkins.But once carved, was your child completely OBSESSED with the removable stem lids and did he spend hours taking one lid off and switching it with another? Our child did. If I needed some time to get something done I just stuck him out on the porch with the pumpkins.He was likewise obsessed with the fire inside the pumpkins and went from one pumpkin to another "lighting" it. This is his first costume-- The Fancy Cowboy, complete with a sequined belt buckle and cow print chaps with fringe.And then he'd bend down and get his face as close as he could to the flames. And instead of running to protect my child I just stood there and took pictures of it.
Trunk-or-treat (I hate that phrase) with the aunties, Lucy and Alice.

Another adventure found Baby G in the classroom with me watching a Halloween movie with all the students. The kids that have a hard time sitting still on the rug get the option of "pockets (meaning they can stay on the rug on their pockets)
or chair." Baby G chose "chair."
The cousins found it necessary to swap head attire. I like to refer to them as "pumpboys." Get it?
For trick-or-treating on Halloween night we got to bust out the much anticipated costume that we have had since before Baby G was even born. I was only a few months pregnant when my mom insisted that we buy the baby a Santa suit to wear for Halloween one year in the future. Well friends, this was the year. And it was quite the hit. When Baby G would go to the door to see the trick-or-treaters all the kids would laugh.

Still obsessed with the fire.

The best part of Baby G's Santa costume BY FAR? His patent leather black shoes. Nothing says "Santa" quite like a pair of shiney shoes.

Baby G worked hard for all this candy but he only got to enjoy a little of it. Another parenting theory we subscribe to: any candy your kids get on Halloween automatically becomes yours.

But we did let him have a little, so it was necessary that he brush his teeth. Of course he had Halloween jammies. Do you know my mother?
(Please forgive the poor quality on the last few photos. My lovely husband went fishing earlier that Halloween day and took the camera. I was only a little upset when, upon returning home to join us for the evening festivities, he realized he had left the camera in his fishing partner's car. We made do with the video camera so those photos are snapshots from the video footage of the night).

Still not ready for full on winter, but it's coming whether I like it or not.


The Osborns said...

looks like you've been staying busy and having fun this fall. i loved both his costumes and oddly enough, claire was a nut about the lid too, only the squirrels stole it after an hour so her game was short lived.

you're a chill mom, i like that. sometimes i wish i was more laid back. it was stephanie nielsen's sister paige who gave me the best advice about chilling out when i was a new mom. claire spent last fall putting every leaf she could find in her mouth and it was driving me crazy as i thought about the dirtiness and choking hazards involved, but paige just told me it was all about learning and discovering and that a little dirt never hurt anybody. i have TRIED to be more lax, but it doesn't come naturally to me like it seems to you and other moms, and requires concious decisions...

k, sorry about the tangent. you're good mommy liz!

Sassy Rachel said...

Ok he is so yummy...two costumes, wow! What a lucky duck. He should be Santa this year and have all the other kids guess who the mysterious guy in the santa suit is...I bet they'll never guess:)

Ok so WHAT IN THE WORLD IS A KNIGHT DOING IN THE MOUNTAINS! Only in Utah...that is all I have to say. That took me back to BYU campus walking by all those lovely dressed up folks in front of the WILK who practiced their know who I'm talking about:)

Your video camera takes good pics...wowzers. And what I'm loving is that among the hordes of candy on Halloween night, you had Krispy Kreme on your counter...that's my girl:)

Camie, Juan, and Leyna said...

What a cutie pie! Love the Santa Costume! That is to funny. Looks like you had a lot of fun though. The fall leaves are gorgeous there. I can't wait till we move to Utah, it's so pretty! Then we can see all the goofy knights out in the woods too. lol. Can't wait to see you guys!

Mandy and Roger Woodhouse said...

ha ha ha.. love the pictures. Love Mr. Santa Man... and I LOVE the picture of him sitting on the chair in your classroom. And how weird with the whole knight thing.. I think I would have made Roger go and ask what they were doing.

The Osborns said...

hey thanks for your comment. yeah, it's been a trial i never anticipated having--not that i thought i was above it or immune to it, but b/c it took about 4 mos. with claire, i assumed it'd be about that long with all of them. we've been trying for about 13 mos. and i feel like i talk about it a lot, but maybe not a ton on my blog b/c i don't want to sound like a pity party. i'm glad i haven't come off like too much of a sob story to you. i know it will happen. sometimes it's hard b/c it seems like EVERYONE is expecting or has already had the baby they were expecting, but i'm not annoyed or bitter towards other moms. i can genuinely celebrate with others. i've tried charting and temp. taking and trying to wing it and some herbel meds, and i'm trying to postpone the dr. visit where kevin and i would both go in. i think when i finally conceive i'll do a long blog about it. stay tuned. :) thanks again for your comment though.

Krainich Family said...

Looks like fun! WHERE ARE YOU FOR THOSE TREES? Were you up in Alpine? Gorgeous.