Tuesday, September 18, 2007

hit him with your best shot

This baby went to the doctor for
his two month check-up last week

This was the result:

(look at that devastated bottom lip)

These are the vitals:

14 lbs. 6 oz.
24 1/2 inches tall

and since we like to start comparing our children early on here in America that puts him in the:

95th percentile in weight & 93rd percentile in height (head is 85th)

What I learned:

  • shots are just as sad for mommies as they are for babies
  • babies' legs get sore after shots resulting in at least a few hours of sad babies
  • don't take babies to jewelery parties the same day as their shots
  • especially not jewelry parties an hour away (long car rides are bad)
  • when babies' legs are sore they don't like to eat
  • yanking off band-aids on babies' skin is not pleasant for anyone

Anything else I should know for the 4 month shots? Our first experience really wasn't THAT bad, but I didn't like knowing that he was in pain at all. Luckily after about a day and a half he was back to his normal happy self and he seems to have forgiven me for letting the nurse stab him with needles 4 times.

Ah, the joys of being a mommy. :)


Anonymous said...

What a darling baby! His mom is beautiful too.

Jessica said...

I made Kyle take Margo to get all her shots. I am terrified of neddles and would probably pass out having to watch them do it to my baby.

Anonymous said...

I always gave my babies a bit of Tylenol right before their dr. visits. I think it helped. Baby G is beautiful, and it sounds like you are a wonderful mom.

I've loved reading about your cute family. I have a daughter that would love to go to Romania, did you go thru BYU?

From Your Aunt Kim's old (not in age) best friend; Debbie

ls said...


I gave G Tylenol later on that day-- I should have done it before. I'll do that next time.

Yes, I went to Romania through BYU and then I worked for the Romania program at BYU for a year and a half before I graduated. It is truly an amazing program and I would HIGHLY recommend it. If your daughter has any questions about it she can email me. I am still close with all of the professors and teachers at BYU so I'm sure I could put in a good word :).

Anonymous said...

I remember when John got his six month shots. He watched the nurse push the needle in and then waited ten seconds and screamed.

Ash B said...

Hey Liz!

I thought I'd make a comment linking you to my blog. I've started and deleted a few over the past few months, but I think I'll keep this one up-to-date--it's a good way to stay in touch with family and friends.

I've been checking out your blog. It's adorable. Your little family is so cute and your baby is gorgeous. I hope I get to see him sometime soon.

Ash B

Ash B said...

Hm...maybe that didn't work.


Try that. :)

ericandbrookesblog said...

I love your blog. He's beautiful. We're doing ok here. Check out our blog. Love you Brooke

ericandbrookesblog said...

Alaura's head was off the charts at her 2 month sheck up and it didn't get back on until she was 9 months or so. My babies got a big brain I guess. i'm going to sound hiorrible asking this, but what is your little guys name? It says baby G everywhere, and I never heard what his full name was. Sorry.
Love Brooke