Monday, September 10, 2007

Labor Day-ish this and that

Now that it is a week after Labor Day I figured I should post about what we did over the holiday. Be prepared for a billion pictures...

A few days before Labor Day I was pleasantly sitting in our living room with the baby when J came inside looking mildly flustered. He had been up on our roof ripping off all of the old tar paper and other stuff that involoved him getting incredibly filthy. He was dirty enough and calm enough that I didn't notice that he was limping very badly. Even after he said, "I just fell off our roof," I wasn't really concerned because of how calm he seemed. It wasn't until he hopped over on top of the counter and put his leg up that I realized how bad he had hurt his ankle. Have a look:

He fell off the roof when a board broke and landed on his right food inside this 3 foot deep trench. And yes, it does have rebar sticking up out of it, and yes, there is really no reason that J should not have impaled himself on the rebar other than that he must have a really good guardian angel.

This is what his foot looked like the next morning, and in the following few days it got much more gruesome-- super swollen and excellent bruising.
He didn't break anything-- just tore the ligaments on the outside of his ankle and a severe sprain. He is still limping around, but the swelling is going down and he can put on shoes for short periods of time. We are just so grateful that it wasn't any worse than this. The orthopedic surgeon who looked at it said that some of the very worst, life-changing injuries he sees are from people falling off of roofs. We are very lucky.

In other news, the wonderful T-Bo family came to visit over Labor Day and we had so much fun with them. Here is a photographic record of some of the highlights:
Camping up Little Cottonwood Canyon (and by "we" I mean Uncle K and the kids went camping and the rest of us went up for an evening of hot dogs, s'mores, and sitting by the fire only to come back home to get in the hot tub and sleep in beds).

We saw a large moose

We boiled water inside a bottle in the fire

J made a s'more that included fire-roasted pineapple

We sat around and ate

Uncle K ate a lot

Aunt K did the Macarena

Baby G fell asleep

My father ruined this picture that would have otherwise been very cute

The boys brandished some weapons

E and R looked really cute

Baby G smiled and looked really cute, too

And what would a trip with the T-Bo family be without Aunt J's famous brownies:

K is the chef

The girls do the dishes

J gets the baby to sleep after eating the whole pan

We had such fun, and are always sad for a few days when they leave us. Luckily they are coming back in a few weeks for Baby G's blessing and B's mission farewell. We can't wait!

***Not pictured: the totally awesome synchronized swimming routine that Mom, Aunt K, and I choreographed and performed in the pool. Note to self: get pictures of it next time Aunt K is in town.


Jackie said...

Hi liz- this is Jackie. I love the photos! George is so chubby and cute. I love that you guys did a synchronized swimming routine. My weirdo parents would make up syncronized couch swimming routines.

Rachel said...

Rachel Rose is huge!!! Oh my goodness. That picture of Baby G smiling at the end is precious! Oh I love him.

Ok, that first pic of J's foot/leg/whatever it was...(after surveying it long and hard I realized it was his ankle with his foot on the left side...) b/c it didn't look like an ankle at all! Oh my gosh, thank goodness he is ok.

I love you oodles and love the pics. I can't get over how big your sis is. WOW! lOve you!