Wednesday, August 10, 2011

terrifying children's literature

I was going through some of our little family videos yesterday because John had just uploaded them to the computer. When I got to this one from a couple of months ago I just laughed and laughed. I typically don't post videos because I don't think many people are super interested in watching long clips of other peoples' children, but this was so funny to me that I figured at least our families would enjoy it.

I was reading a new book to Pearlie one evening before bed and she was loving all of the pop-up animals on each page. Until I got to the page with a flower that opened up to reveal a cute little bumblebee inside. I have no idea why this was so incredibly alarming to her, but I thought it was so hysterical that I had John come film me torturing her with it for several minutes. In the beginning of the video John's hand is covering the screen at times because he didn't want her to see the camera and be distracted, just so you know why his big hand is blocking the view a little. It is kind of long, but I decided to post the whole thing because the flower torture continues to produce results throughout it. She literally starts running away from the book at one point. It also shows her talking a little bit (this was when she was about 14 months) and just generally being cute.

And lastly, don't mind George screaming in the background that his nose is hurt and us not doing anything about it except asking if it is bleeding. Parenting at its finest, folks.

Oh, and also (I just watched it again), many apologies about Pearl pulling down my shirt a little too much at one point. Sorry.

Funny, huh? :)


Rachael said...

Lizzie lol that is so funny, poor pearly. I wonder what went on in her little head to make her so scared of the flower. Very entertaining. She is adorable!!

Natalie said...

Lizzle! that's SO dang funny!! Thought it was so funny, I showed my sister and my mom;) I loved the part in the middle where she rolls off the rug and goes back to the book and you open it back to the page where the flower is again and first she's excited you got the book back to her and then she flinches once she realizes that it's that scary flower page again--SO hilarious! I felt bad to see her cute little face feel scared in the very begining. It's super cute though. Now you have another story you can share with her when she gets older, to laugh about! thanks for sharing XO

Mama Janet said...

LOL! she is such a smart little thing. Lisa used to cry when John pulled the old fashion phone that rolls it eyes. I still remember how consistent it was. CUTIE!

mandy said...

ha ha ha. That is awesome. I love that. It's funny how we sometimes torture our kids because it's purely entertaining to see how they react to some things. Oh man.... good times! She is cute. Still can't believe I haven't even met her!

Sassy Rachel said...

You are torturous! Jon is right...baiting her, baiting her:)