Friday, March 11, 2011

she is ours


My precious daughter is one. I wish I could convey in words how much joy she has filled our home and hearts with over this past year, but there aren't any. She radiates and oozes happiness. If her brother made me a mama, she has made us a family, and I cannot imagine not having her sweet little self in my life. She is magic.


She blows kisses. She twirls and twists her wrists in the most dainty way. She grins readily. She is sunshine.


She has bright blue eyes. And brown wispy, flippy hair. She loves to give high fives. She is delight.


She is mama's girl. She loves to nurse. She has turned into a cuddler. She gives slobbery, open mouth kisses. She is heaven.


She adores her daddy. She says, "Dada" and talks to him on the phone. She crawls at lightning speed. She can't get enough of crawling up stairs, especially because she knows she isn't supposed to. She speed-crawls to them, hoping no one will notice, while shaking her head back and forth because she knows it is a "no no." She is spunk.


She rubs her hands on her chest to say please. She screams loudly when she wants something (especially food). She pretends to get shy around new faces by laying her head down on my shoulder and averting her eyes. She has long, dark eye lashes. She is pure honey.


She is round. She is soft and squishy. She is feminine and tender. She is irresistable.

Her eyes twinkle and sparkle with life and thoughts. Her spirit is filled with goodness and joy. She is ours, our very own glimmer of God. She is one.


Katie said...

She is adorable!

Katey and Justin said...

Oh my goodness I miss this little girl so much! My nephew is turning one tomorrow so I'm already making plans for them to get married! Hope everything is going well! Miss you guys!

Racher said...

Oh, I love this post, the banner and the balloon! Happy birthday to little Pearl! Good job Liz making adorable children and also documenting their lives the way they deserve to be. :)

schaars said...

What a CUTE post. Pearl is all of those things. It has been so much fun watching sweet pearl grow this last year. She is BEAUTIFUL.... just like her mamma! Missed you all week, and can't wait to see you Tuesday.

Jenny said...

Super cute! (The post and the baby!)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to a darling one year old! gma great

Ashley said...

She's so ooey gooey amazing. I just adore her. She looks just like Georgie in some of those pics.

Lots of love,

mandy said...

that is a HUGE balloon. so awesome. Happy Birthday to Pea... a girl i've never met! (how weird is that?) I tried texting you a while back... do you have the same number?

the mama monster said...

happy birthday! i can't beleive she is one alsready!