Saturday, November 13, 2010

not a pro

I take a lot of pictures of my kids. Like, a whole lot. Maybe you've noticed?? Ha. Sometimes I hesitate to post all of the pictures I take because I don't want it to seem like I think I am some fantastic photographer or something. I am just a mom who happens to really love to take photos.

I have had a passion for photography since I was in high school, dressing my little sisters all up and taking them up the canyon for photo shoots, and then developing my own film in the school's darkroom. I learned to use my film SLR on its manual settings, and became addicted to the feeling of getting an image (amid the hundreds that were taken) that I really loved.

That passion only intensified when I gave birth and found that getting pictures that I loved of my OWN children was priceless to me. Add in the digital-SLR and Photoshop and, holy cow, I fell completely, head-over-heels in love with all things photography.

So, three paragraphs of disclaimer later, what I am trying to say is this: I love taking pictures. I love editing pictures. I know how to use my camera and I feel like I usually end up with some decent shots. BUT, in no way do I think I am a professional photographer, and in no way am I trying to be one. There are plenty of professionals out there without me throwing my hat into the ring. I am simply a mom who loves taking pictures of her kids. That's it. I have no intentions of making this hobby a business-- I am not that good! I know lots of people who have started their own photography businesses, and I think they are fantastic, but that isn't the direction I am personally heading. I would feel sheepish posting these pictures if I hadn't gotten all of that off my chest because I didn't want anyone thinking that I fancied myself a "real" photographer :). Are we clear? Whew!

There is this great multi-colored wall in Salt Lake that I heard about and decided to drag my kids and husband there after church one Sunday to see if we could get any good pictures. We got a few that I liked, but I actually would love to go back and try again.

I love the way George puts his hand under Pearl's chin. He does it all the time when I am taking pictures of them for some reason.

It was a bit windy and you will notice Pearlie's hair being rather unruly in all the photos. Oh well, at least she has a sweet little face, right?

Isn't this wall cool?

Georgie would not stand still and be normal. The splits was as close to normal as we could get.

Just around the corner from the colorful wall there was a white wall that we stopped at for a few minutes. I love Pea's hand on her brother and the way she looks up at him.


Their little grins make me happy.

George was telling us stories about Mario and Luigi and mostly just wanted to talk about how exciting it would be to go to a Koopa's castle and throw fire at him.

Still telling Mario stories, probably about pulling arms off of bad guys or something. Poor Pearl.

See what the wind did to her baby-fine, long newborn hair?

Ah, there we go. Smoothed down for a moment.

I've told you about her tongue-love before, but I think this might be my favorite tongue picture to date. So funny.

My handsome little boy. Love him so much, even if he won't look at the camera very often anymore.

Pea was trying to pick the pebbles out of the asphalt and G was trying to wink like his daddy.

When we were finished taking pictures we went up to my parents' house for dinner. Since I am me, of course I took the lovely pre-sunset light to snap a few more shots outside. These photos did not turn out the way I envisioned them in my head, but luckily, since I'm not a pro (did I mention that? ;)), I can make mistakes.

I liked the light on that little weed. That's all.

I just happened to catch him looking at me when he came up from rolling around on the ground.

I could eat her.

So grateful to have my sweet blue-eyed babies as live-in photo subjects.


Katie said...

Is that first close-up of Pearl your reflection in her eyes? I think that is so neat! Have you heard the song "In my daughter's eyes"? Very fitting for the picture.

Sara said...

Well to me you are a pro! Your kids are so amazing! And I LOVE LOVE LOVED the Peacock costume! Did you make it? So original! You are truly talented!!

Teacher Mama said...

They look wonderful! Hey, do you want to take some non professional fam shots of all of us (all 7?) for Christmas? Don't worry if my mom reads this and it ruins a possible surprise. She doesn't like surprises. The pics are incredible. It helps that the kids are so beautiful.

Mama Janet said...

Awe, I need a Pearly hug! She is so my favorite little baby...You are a great photographer and the kids stay just perfect for you in every picture. I love them all, especially the little curled tongue picture of P:)

Amy said...

GORGEOUS pictures!

em&m said...

You are so funny and you have to believe me when i tell you this becaue I'm afraid that you won't but really truly, the last time I looked at your blog (the halloween post) I wanted to write to you and ask you if you ever thought of becoming a professional photographer because I absolutely LOVE every picture you have ever posted. Every time I look at your pictures I wish for a new camera, but I don't get a new camera because I know I'll never have the skills anyway. I think you have a talent. don't knock it. You really are good. I would go to you every time for my kiddos and my family pictures if you ever do decide to make it more than a hobby. :)

Cam and Linds said...

So cute! So good! I always love looking at your pictures!

Jeff and Mallory said...

You don't know me so sorry if this is weird. But I went to Alta and found your blog through some high school friends. Anyways, you really do take great pics and I was wondering what your favorite Photoshop actions are? All your pics seem to have this glow and I love it!

Tiffany said...

Love, love, LOVE your pictures as usual! Someday when we are back in Utah I would love you to take some family photos for us! You have such a good eye, and take such amazing photos. Your kids are soooo cute. I still can't believe we haven't met P. We will have to get together when we come visit for Christmas. :)

Katrina said...

ok, i need to know where that wall is!

the mama monster said...

really and truly liz, you are as good as a professional! you do a fabulous job of capturing real pictures with depth. and those amazingly cute kids sure help! where is that wall at? i would love jess to take her fancy camera out there to snap some pictures of my boys.