Wednesday, September 01, 2010

last night 5 years ago

I broke out an old journal of mine last night a re-read the story of how John proposed. I realized that it had been exactly 5 years ago to the day (I knew it was close, but didn't remember the exact date). Sure enough, August 31st. A date that changed my life and made it infinitely happier and better than I could've ever dreamed. I scanned in the journal entry and will post it for your reading pleasure. This isn't nearly as painful to read as the last journal entry I posted, but it's still a journal entry from my barely 21 year old self, and I still cringed reading a few of the details. But it's a good memory, so here you go.



Best parts:
*I got engaged in a cemetery. Awesome, right?
*The fact that 3 "ghosts of dating past" called me as I was driving home to visit my soon- to-be fiance. I blurred their names out here. It was the least I could do. *shameful cringe*
*John just pulling a huge candle out of his pocket and lighting it. Hysterical to me for some reason.
*John had the ring box in his sock. Also hysterical to me.
*I really was completely oblivious. Looking back, I should have known something was up, but John did a good job of totally playing it cool. I was so fooled.
Sadly I did not religiously tote around my camera then as I do now, so there are not any photos of this awesome scene. You'll have to use your imagination :).


Maggie said...

I'm totally in tears! What a sweet story, you guys are perfect for each other. Thanks for sharing. Love ya!

Lemme said...

I love that I totally remember this!! It was one of our very first conversations. 5 YEARS?!?! CRAZY!!

Mama Janet said...

There you go again bringing me to tears of joy! Shameful how much you to love each other deliciously shameful! You are the woman of his dreams and we're giving you roses!

Racher said...

Where'd you get the phrase "harem" from, Lizzie?
P.S: Your children are gorgeous.