Wednesday, April 14, 2010

this time of year means...

...dyeing eggs

G got in on the action with Ems and Rae Rae.

He quickly dropped all the eggs into the dye and then compulsively checked them to see if they were done.

He was very proud of his little carton of dyed eggs and carried it all around with him for a couple of days.

...searching for Easter baskets

This part was very exciting for G. He searched all over the house.

He found his baby sister's basket first, and she wasn't very fond of it, as you can see.

With a few hints, he finally found his basket in the dryer. Oh, he was happy.

So fun for this mama to have two littles to plan for and be with on these special days. I am loving all of the joy that comes with this brother/sister thing.

Nothing better than an entire chocolate bunny all to himself.

...warm-weather haircuts

We were trying to get this boy's hair longish, but I couldn't stand the awkward growing stage, so I gave in and let his daddy get busy with the clippers in the tub. J was so happy-- he has been wanting it short for months now.
 (Actual conversation:  J-"He looks like a little boy now."
 Me- "What did he look like before?" 
J- "A weakling.")

Love the hairy neck/shoulders he is displaying here.

Cleaned the hair out of the tub, and then let him take a "blue bath," which, according to him, is like the coolest thing ever.

After the bath, both the babes had their jammies on all ready for bed. Pea baby must not be a fan of her night cap.

But her brother sure is a fan of kissing her little face. It really is hard to keep him away from her sometimes, and she is not always grateful for all the affection :).

...riding dump trucks around the neighborhood

We have the best neighbors in the world. Honestly, I never want to move away from the kind, generous people we are surrounded by here. A family that lives across the street gave G this PowerWheel dump truck, and he LOVES driving around in it. He is very good at pushing the pedal down with his foot, and has even mastered putting it in reverse. Steering, however? We are still working on that.

...planting the garden

Oh, I can't wait to start being able to grocery shop in my back yard.

G collects shovels. Okay, he only has 3, but he loves LOVES to be in the dirt digging.

Pea joined the party, too. She started out happily in the Moby with me,
but eventually wanted to stretch out.

She was happy there until she decided she was hungry. There were a few warning cries,
and then there was this:
My cue to go in and relax (aka: nurse the babe) while the boys finish up the manual labor outside. I love being the mama!


Jenny said...

liz, your baby girl is adoraable. what is her name.Jenny

Tiffany said...

Oh so darling! I love Pea's outfits. So cute! G is as cute as ever! My goodness he has gotten big!

Sassy Rachel said...

LIZ SHE IS GORGEOUS! She reminds me of Rachel Rose. Oh she is so precious, I have tears. I love your last post about dividing time, and loving both so much and figuring out this whole new experience. It touched me so deeply because I've been there, and it's all so real.

I want to hire you to take pics of my next So amazing. I don't have pics like that of my other two, and I have to get with the awesome 21st century and timeless pics thing when they're tiny. Love it. She is just perfect...and I'm not just saying that...she is PERFECT. Good job you two:)

Brant & Lindsay said...

You seriously have the most beautiful babies!! She is sooo gorgeous! I really would love to see you and and the newest little one sometime soon! Being a mom is the best! You are so good at blogging, what an awesome way to keep a journal! I need to do better!

mandy said...

So precious Liz! Little Pea looks so sweet. Your Easter egg baskets look amazing. It looks like G enjoyed searching for it! How fun! I hope all is going well for you!