Sunday, January 17, 2010

saturday night identities

Over the span of about an hour last night I followed my son around documenting his exploits. He is pretty good about entertaining himself, though it is no wonder I feel like all I do is clean up after him all day long!

He started out with his work goggles on, proudly proclaiming, "I'm a fix-it man!"

When the goggles had produced a nice indentation on his forehead, he moved on to basketball. He insisted that J and I both play with him (so not many pictures), and I found great humor in all the little glimpses of his bum we'd get as he moved. His narrow little hips don't hold up his pants very well.

Then he moved on to train building. This activity lasted almost 40 minutes (the other two were only about 20 total), and he was very independent and focused, so I took a lot of pictures.

These are the train stickers that he lined up on the LoveSac.

The bum shot again.

His last adventure consisted of a bath and getting his hair combed missionary style by his father,
and then reading his current favorite book "Albert the Fix-it Man" (of course) before sleep.
While they read I went around trying to reclaim my bedroom that was littered with train tracks, tinker toys, and tools. Sure do love my boys.


Amy said...

So so so cute!

Jill said...

So cute Liz. :)

Teacher Mama said...

He is such a beautiful baby.

Anonymous said...

You are rocking the whole missionary hair thing!!! Also... you are so dang cute!!!

Mama Janet said...

Oh, this is so adorable and fun to see. I've got to hug that sweet boy and soon.

Melanie said...

You have such a fun little guy! I wanted to answer the questions you asked on my blog. I used to make my books. They will "slurp" your blog and automatically put all the posts into the book format but then I went through it and changed a bunch of page layouts and added some extra pages and more pictures. So that is what took a while, getting just the way I wanted it. It looks really nice and I am happy with it. One thing is the pictures in the book come out a bit darker on the page than on the computer so just be aware(it is not too different though. Anyway, good luck if making a book is something you do.

Mandy and Roger Woodhouse said...

SUCH cute pictures! Love them all. George seems like such a perfect little boy. Sometimes I'll be looking and blogs and Mya is destroying something in my house or screaming and running around... and I think, "Does George do that too?"

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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