Tuesday, April 14, 2009

jesus is strawberry

I am not trying to be sacrilegious with that title, I promise. Let me explain. On Saturday our little family of three took a short drive to the store in St. George. On our way J started to talk to Baby G about Easter and Jesus. He was explaining that Jesus died and was put in a cave with a big rock over it, but that after three days Jesus was resurrected and wasn't dead anymore. I was chiming in with little phrases for Baby G to repeat. Baby G said, "Jesus died." And then I said, "Yes, Jesus died, but now he is risen!" and Baby G repeated, "He is risen!" So that was that. About ten minutes later I hear Baby G in the back seat saying, "Jesus died. Jesus is strawberry!" J and I looked at each other, a little perplexed about where he would've gotten that from. Pretty soon I realized that Baby G must've thought we had been telling him to say, "Jesus is RAISIN," not "risen." And then when he couldn't quite remember the right word he just plugged another fruit in its place, thus the "Jesus is strawberry!" We had a good chuckle over that one. We helped him say "risen" a few more times and then on Easter whenever someone would ask him about Jesus he would say, "Jesus died. Jesus is risen!" It was pretty cute.

Here are some photos from Easter Sunday:

His eyelashes kill me in this one (look closely). Praying that all my kids get their daddy's long, dark lashes.

We surprisingly got many cute photos of these two together all dressed up. They were very cooperative. Weird, I know.

His loafers. Nevermind that they are at least two sizes too big. I can't handle how much I love them.
This was the best family shot.

More and more people are starting to tell me Baby G looks like his daddy. Everyone always used to say he looked just like me, but he really is starting to have moments where I don't see me as much as I used to. I think he is probably just a pretty good mix of both of us and it is hard to distinguish. I love that I can see some of my features, but I also adore the thought of him looking like his handsome dad. What do you guys think now?
More like his daddy?

Or mommy?
I can't decide.


Lucy, Marc and Katie said...

He definitely has your eyes, which I think makes a big difference.

Katrina said...

Cute pictures! He has your eyes and coloring, but I do see a bit of his daddy in him.

I think Asher is a mix of us too, but right now everyone says he looks like me. I think his dad will be more obvious as he gets older too.

I did the vintagey look with Pioneer Woman's "Seventies" action and some tweaking. I didn't take a full body shot of the dress... I should have.

Anonymous said...

Sorry "J" but I think he is a mini version of his mom.
Even his manipulative ways remind me of her.
Example: When he wanted to eat applesauce today he said "appiesauce" and when I said it back to him he said "OK."
Like it was my idea.
Every time his mom wants me to get her applesauce, she pulls the exact same stunt.

Have another baby soon :]
Love, Aunt Handy

the mama monster said...

i think he looks more like you but i really think he looks like john also. i love that story about Jesus. be sure your are writing all these funny things down so you don't forget them!

wessara said...

I have to say I think he is TOTALLY you! He looks like such a stud in his Easter outfit!! I agree u need more kids... esp. when U make them that cute!

Mama Janet said...

He is just the cutest piece of work and I see J in him often. It's like he's got a cuter more perfect little round head. Love the picture of him and L being nice!