Saturday, March 14, 2009


Baby G has a rather endearing habit of adding -ie (or -y, depending on how he spells it) to the end of many of his words. If something is cold, it's "coldie" or "freezy." His hammer is "hammy," his uncles Adam and Ben are "Andy" and "Bendie." Juice is "juicy," medicine is "medicie," and balls are "ballsy." And that's just naming a few. 

Naturally when we introduced him to Elmo, Baby G quickly took to calling him "Elmie." Makes perfect sense. When he first learned of Nemo, Baby G also called him "Elmie." I tried and tried to get him to say "Nemo," but it has always been "Elmie." I realized that "Elmo" and "Nemo" sound very much alike, so that explained why Baby G thought of them as the same name. So even though "Nemo" doesn't really sound like "Elmie," it is an understandable and forgivable nickname. 

But then there is Baby G's cousin, Logan. Ever since we started having Baby G try to say Logan's name, he was "Elmie." At first we thought he wasn't understanding what we were asking, but then it became obvious that "Elmie" meant "Logan" when Baby G started pointing at pictures of Logan and confidently labeling him "Elmie!" So it has stuck. We have absolutely no clue how "Logan" became "Elmie," but nonetheless, it has. We even try to break up the syllables to get Baby G to say, "Lo- Gan," but he outsmarts us by replying, "Lo-Gan, ELMIE!" So that's that, I guess. Elmie it is. He speaks in sentences and amazes us all the time by the funny little things that come out of his mouth, but for some reason he just can't seem to get past the idea that Elmo, Nemo, and Logan are all "Elmie."

Elmie and Baby G are getting along really well lately (Elmie is 4 months older and he used to like to beat Baby G up), and it is so much fun to know that they will grow up together and be best buddies. 
But old habits die hard, and occasionally some of the rough behavior from days gone by return, and Elmie decides to try and squeeze Baby G's hand off instead of just holding it gently. I love both of their expressions in this picture-- Elmie is in attack mode and Baby G is wide-eyed and surprised by the sudden violence, but not too concerned.

Elmie turned two a couple of weeks ago and we went for a swim to celebrate. Elmie is adventurous and brave so he had to teach the more timid Baby G the ways of water splashing, but they both had so much fun there together once Baby G warmed up.

I love this picture. Love it. Love the water splashing, love how hard we're laughing, love that it is me and my boy.
The expression on Baby G's face is pretty awesome.
I have a feeling this is only the beginning of hundreds of pictures like this one of these two little boys playing together.
Brave birthday boy Elmie jumping to his daddy.
Another party guest, sweet little Maggie. I just loved her little closed mouth smile and sparkley eyes in this picture.
Birthday boy and his mommy.
Grandma taught Baby G how to "swim." He was proudly doing the breaststroke all around the pool and the next day in the tub he started practicing again and said, "Swimming wif Gamma."
Thanks for the fun, Elmie. Please don't be mad when you are 16 and we still call you "Elmie," okay? It is here to stay, I'm afraid.


Mama Janet said...

Oh how precious these babies are.
So fun to see the cool way your new camera works. I can' believe how fun G is when I get him to play with me.

Teacher Mama said...

I love you J, L, and G. You can call me whatever you want to.


The Edwards Family said...

Love the swimming pics! They really show how much fun you guys were having together!

Channa said...

What fun pictures. Little G is so adorable. I can't get over his blue eyes. He looks so much like you. More and more the older he gets.

Anonymous said...

Haha! When you were getting your haircut, Hannah and I took george into a little play place and he saw a little boy...
He kept following this little boy around saying " Elmie! Elmie!" Hannah and I were like "why does He like this little boy so much?" Finally we figured it out!!!

Love,your true Favorite sister

Kim said...

What fun pictures...and what a cute me the ballsy the best. :)

Ani said...

you are such neat pictures! i love it. his eyes are so dreamy.
we decided to make a compromise with the formula. she gets 2.5 scoops. Ha!

the mama monster said...

thats so funny! once they get something stuck in their heads it's hard to convince them otherwise. eli calls ezra and abe "goo" we aren't sure why. how fun for the boys to be able to play so often. i wish jess was closer so our kids got to grow up with their cousins.i love that picture of you guys! classic happy liz!

Jami said...

oh my goodness I loooove those pitures in the water of you and George! He is getting so big its crazy! He's adorable!!

Oh and lizie you should check out my blog I finally updated the last few months and there are a lot of fun pictures!