Friday, February 27, 2009

10:27-- minutes from my day

woke up to sun rising and whining in the next room~ a nursing date in my bed while we wait for daddy to get home~ plans to go running foiled by the fresh snow (proud to be a fair-weather runner)~ beg j to do turbo with me instead~ try not to let him see the laughing while we get our jam on~ long drive to layton with little sisters and our baby~ baby g not liking the foils in my hair~ a little lighter and 8 inches gone~ try on some but buy none at plato's~ bagel with veggie shmear~ drive seemed longer coming home~ met mom to drop off girls~ loved the new 'do so much she bought me some new shoes~ stop at grocery for some potatoes~ always love having trusty sidekick when running errands~ potatoes in, salad chopped, meat on grill~ husband home, emily comes~ shoot basketball with the boys~ em opens cans for fruit salad~ meat rests~ tiny arms folded and eyes closed for entire prayer~ j cracks us up through whole meal~ so glad he is mine~ baby gives kisses, hugs, and "night night emmy"~ nursing in the dark, his fingers playing with my lips~ lay him in crib, a song, a prayer, and "i love you. go to sleep and i will come back and check later, okay?"~ soft reply of "okay mama" makes me melt every time~ adult conversation at dinner table~ leave j to do dishes~ girl talk and fun~ digital makeovers~ em should go dark and i should get a cuter picture~ schooled in the ways of facebook stalking~ he is SINGLE!~ j falls asleep to our girly chatter~ facebook chat as someone i'm not~ hugs, see you wednesday, and locking doors~ tiptoeing and checking for breathing baby~ love new toothbrushes~ must remember to bake cookies for baptism tomorrow~ quiet house~ love this life


Rachel said...

10/27 is your favorite day, nice that you picked that time to post. :) I love this vignette style!!! I love your life too and can't wait to see you!!!

Channa said...

I loved reading this. Honestly, probably one of my favorite posts.

Thank you for your comments and suggestions for Hawaii. I really appreciate it. Since you lived there you are probably the best person to talk to! When Colby was applying to school I told him I had a friend who had gone to school there. I remember how much you said you loved it. It does sound like a dream.

I wrote down all of your suggestions. I am so glad you mentioned the discount on the PCC. I would have purchased them online but it will be much better to get the discount!

I have been helping Colby with housing and registering for classes. I was wondering if you had any suggestions to pass along to him? Also, I think you went in the summer? He is trying to decide how many credits to take and I was wondering what your suggestion would be. Enough to make the experience worthwhile, but also leaving him enough time to really enjoy living there. His birthday is in the fall so depending on when he leaves for his mission, he may stay fall semester.

One more question. Bryce's mom is going out before us, but we may end up staying with her a few days when we first arrive. If she stays in the Honolulu area would you suggest us then moving to a hotel or condo on the north shore? Also, I know the waves are huge on the north shore in the winter, but can you swim there in the summer? We have also looked into possibly visiting/staying on other islands...everyone usually suggests Kauai. (And I did just find out that the temple will be closed all of 2009 for renovation.)

Thanks so much Liz. I really appreciate your insight!

GregR said...

I love the way you find joy in the simple real life stuff...It's so refreshing for me. It makes me stop and think of the day to day things I like too.