Thursday, January 08, 2009

from the mouth of the baby

Besides being unbelievably fun and impossibly relaxing, our time at The Beach was also a week full of vocabulary expansion for our boy. Some (read: way too many) examples of his new words:

"Sun": also known as "moon." Whenever the sunlight was so bright and in his eyes (see picture below-- I had to shadow him with my body to get him to look at me), Baby G would dramatically complain, "Moon!" because he associated light from the sky with the moon he points to at night. So we had to teach him "sun." He still sometimes calls it "moon."

"Dada": okay, so he already knew that word, but "Dada" is also what Baby G called his Daddy's boogie board. Whenever Baby G would see J grab the board he would start crying because he did NOT like watching his Daddy go out into the waves. Baby G did not like playing in the ocean and he didn't want his Dad to play in it either.

Baby G's cousin, Logan, did love playing in the ocean, however. The water was seriously freezing cold so we were all amazed at Logan's enjoyment.

"Sand": his dislike for the water (which he normally loves), was matched by his love of the sand. He played for hours and hours and didn't even want to stop for food.

Lisa and I also found great joy in playing in the sand :).

"Football": pronounced "butball" was probably his favorite new word.

He would emphatically exclaim ,"Butball! Butball!" whenever there was a group playing football and he totally thought he was big enough to join in the fun. He thought it was extremely mean each time I would move him back over to the sidelines.

"Whale": he couldn't quite get "porpoise", so we settled for another aquatic mammal with fewer syllables. We saw lots of dolphins, seals, and porpoises, and when Uncle Bill saw these he rushed a sea kayak out so Uncle Steve and Parker could get a closer look.

"Owie": whenever Baby G is on his Daddy's shoulders he has taken to pulling the really short hairs on the side of J's head. I love this picture because you can see J's reaction. We have tried to teach Baby G "owie" so that he will understand that it hurts-- Baby G learned the word really well, but it definitely hasn't stopped the behavior :).

"Friend": look at this baby heaven! These are all of the great-grandkids, and talk about fun for Baby G. He would see a little kid his age and say, "Friend?"

"Crab": a favorite beach activity is always catching crabs. Baby G was not afraid of them at all and I actually had to watch him closely when he had one in his sand pail because he kept trying to pick them up.

"BahBah": that is the name he called his Great-Grandpa (that is also what he says for grandma, so between the two grandpas and two grandmas that were with us at The Beach it wasn't ever easy to tell who he meant). Check out J's grandpa showing the little girls how to jumprope. 

"Shovel": oh my, how Baby G adored his shovel. Not only did he want his "shuhbel" on the beach, he also insisted on holding it whenever we were in the campground or car. I guess you never know when you will need to dig.

"Bucket": buying Baby G his sand toys for Christmas was brilliant. His bucket and shovel went with him everywhere.

"Cave": Baby G is not even remotely scared of the dark and loved walking through the dark caves along the beach. This is a picture of him running out of one to me.

"Wave": the picture below illustrates the position he would immediately get in whenever a wave would come up and reach us. He would be fine, happily digging with his shovel, and then a wave would come and he would run into my (or anyone who was near) arms.

I think that about covers the new words Baby G learned. Here are a few more of our favorite pictures from Baby's first trip to The Beach.

Getting some love from his Daddy.

Crawling around in the sand (notice the sand on his chin).

Going for a walk with his cousin and daddy.
Playing in the sand.

Checking out the friendly pelican. Baby G was very curious and wanted to get close, while Logan was a little more cautious and wanted to hide in my legs.

The sunsets weren't as spectacular as they have been some years (but the beautiful, warm weather totally mad up for it), but this one was pretty.

Group shot in the campground trees. We love all these people so much and are so grateful for all the work that everyone goes to to make this tradition happen. Can't wait to do it again!


Lemme said...

love butball!!!

i can't believe you were in ph!!!! crazy

baby g is the cutest ever!!!!

Krainich Family said...

You Have got some A-Mazing Photos Here! Good job!

The Osborns said...

awesome pictures. what an amazing trip you guys had. and hat a gorgeous little boy you have...have i mentioned his eyes are just stunning?! what a little talker you're going to have on your hands! (as they get talking and communicating, it becomes the most fun stage. it is so fun being invited to their world.) you will be glad that you recorded these first words and how he used them--it's so fun looking back.

Lucy, Marc and Katie said...

How fun! And great pictures! I answered your question about overnighters in my blog-I'm never really sure where/how to answer questions. Anyway, hope it helps.

Jessica said...

That looked like fun! He is so precious. I think him and Addie should get married!

em&m said...

I love your pictures. What kind of camera do you have? (I'm sure you probably also know how to use your camera, and I never read manuals, but maybe...) We are in the market for a camera, as ours dropped into that beautiful ocean.
I loved reading all about baby G's new words. He's a cute kid. It was fun being there with you guys for a short while.

Sassy Rachel said...

Well well, what a vacation you had! How fun! Your boy is too cute for words! i'M LOVING your amazing photography skills...those pics are beautiful!

Ok...and I'm thinking that is a shark in that one pic...that fin looks a little too pointy:)

Love you

Mandy and Roger Woodhouse said...

very cute pictures. Talk about skill! The picture with all the little kids was adorable. I think my favorite part was one of the little guys in front... he looked a lot like John! Adorable!

Teacher Mama said...

I'm dying for a slideshow of your awesome pics!