Friday, September 19, 2008

on my mind tonight

My baby is so lucky to have his daddy. This afternoon just the two of them headed up the canyon for a quick fishing adventure. J snapped this picture of them with one of their little captive buddies and my heart skipped a beat as I fell in love with my husband all over again when I looked at it. What an incredible daddy and what a happy little boy. They are both in their element. J must want me to put on some weight. I had a good chuckle when he brought me this oreo shake that he had made for me tonight. It was massive. I was a nice wife and let him finish what I couldn't get down.
The baby's belly in this picture cracks me up. His shirt looks tiny and his belly looks huge. Neither are really accurate, but it's cute to pretend.
It will be fun to dress a little girl one day. For now I will just torture my boy.
I love this daily life picture of my baby-- dirty face, semi-running nose, blue-eyed boy bringing his mama a story for her to read to him.
Who is this girl and what did she do with me? Am I seriosly wearing TEAL SKINNY JEANS??? Yes folks, yes I am. I am sort of ashamed because I promised myself I would NEVER, under any circumstances, own a pair of skinny jeans. When they first started getting trendy I thought they were pretty much the worst thing in fashion since shoulder pads. But those darn skinny jeans grew on me, and when I tried them on they were so comfortable. And a bargain at $12.oo from Forever21, so I caved. I sort of feel like a poser when I wear them because we all know that I have a hard time pulling off anything trendy, and I'm really not fashionable. Oh well. I hope we can all still be friends.
And lastly, who on earth is crazy enough to really want to live in that house, and WHY would they want to build a balcony when it is obvious to all of us that it will surely end up collapsing in a mud slide the next time it rains in Park City? No one knows, but Baby G was sure fascinated by the crane. Looking at that was the highlight of his day.


Anonymous said...

I think you look fantastic in the jeans! Skinny jeans are cute on the choice few...people who are skinny! You look awesome and flaunt them more!

Sassy Rachel said...

ok look H-O-T in those skinny jeans! Wow, skinny legs should definitely be in skinny jeans. Good work.

Second-your child in a pink coat...ok liz, we need to talk about this. I am totally laughing, and you do need a girl b/c they are the greatest. What did John have to say about that?:)

I am loving your baby's belly and think he should flaunt it more, like his mommy should the jeans:)

Sassy Rachel said...

When are you coming to CO? (I will never stop asking and wishing:)

Sassy Rachel said...

OH! and I forgot...the oreo shake! Can he please overnight one to me...I'm salivating. Lucky girl.I think I'll print it off and leave it on the kitchen table to give my hubs a hint:)

Sorry for taking up three comments, you will be so excited to see you now have 4 new comments, only to see its me over and over. Sorry to deceive.

Brooke said...

Sorry, but he just doesn't make a very cute girl!!! Much cuter boy!!!

GregR said...

Yea! Loved all of it, except the oreo shake...what would J's mommy say?

Teacher Mama said...

I love the fishing pic. It is a good thing John has extremely long arms.

Camie and Juan Figueroa said...

Isn't it such a blessing to have such good who husbands who are such awesome daddies!

I totally feel the way you do about the skinny jeans. They are starting to grow on me, but I don't think I could ever pull them off because they would accentuate my already big hips. But you look cute in them.