Sunday, April 27, 2008

boy after his daddy's heart

Our baby has turned into a daddy's boy. I wish you could see how excited Baby boy gets when his dad walks in the door from work-- he hears him unlocking the door and he immediately drops whatever he is doing and starts breathing heavy, waving his arms, and staring at the door.

And once daddy is home at night I am a mere accessory to their fun. I used to have a little bit of an edge because I was the food supply-- I still am part of the food supply, but Baby G has decided that doesn't really matter now because daddy can feed him yogurt and mangoes. Even when he nurses before bed I have to leave the room because if he sees his dad he won't nurse-- he just wants to play. I guess I sort of don't blame him. His daddy does lots of fun things with him. For example: He loves to "hang" from the (really ugly) ceiling fan in the living room. As soon as Daddy picks him up he starts reaching for it and since Daddy is so tall it is easy for him to grab it and hold on as long as he likes.
They also like to read books about trout and fly-fishing. One of Baby G's favorite things to play with is his dad's thread bobbin while he is tying flies.
With the nicer weather we have resumed work on the exterior of the house. Most daddys would want to do this work in peace, but Baby G is lucky-- his daddy just straps him in the BabyBjorn and they get to it.

Recently Baby G has also gone to Provo with Daddy. They got to go to class together and look at the ducks by the pond. When J brought Baby G home to me so he could go to work Baby G cried. It made me feel really good.

Baby G also loves going to see Daddy at work and playing with all of the paperclips and white-out bottles on his desk. Even though it is becoming clear that I am no longer my baby boy's favorite, I am SO grateful to have a husband that is such an involved and devoted father. I feel so blessed to have him.

One final story about the baby and his dad-- Baby G has really taken to this bottle of pink baby lotion:

It is his favorite toy and makes him happy when everything else is boring. I don't know what is so appealing to him about it, but for some reason, he carries it around in his little hands for as long as we'll let him. One day when he was being particularly attached to the bottle of lotion his daddy looked at him and, with a hint of sadness in his voice, said:

"Why can't you love blue lotion bottles?"

Pink lotion bottles just aren't that manly, I guess.


Teacher Mama said...

It is so great to have great daddies for our little buddies. Topher is very concerned about Logan and his attachment to my make up brush. I guess it is a guy thing. Also, Logan still loves little bottles of things. His favorite drawer is the one with all of the little hotel bottles of shampoo and mini toothpastes I keep for camping trips. Who needs Babies R Us when you have bottles of lotion.

J if you read this, I am proud of you. You are such a great dad and husband. It would make our dad so proud! I think his favorite picture would you be you roofing with baby G. Next time please make sure you are using a more secure ladder.

Lemme said...

That's so cute!! They look so much alike!! My friend had a kid who loves girly things and he wanted to be a princess for Halloween so they compromised and he was "Princess Superman". Hopefully that's not the direction he's heading.

Sassy Rachel said...

Well if he's gonna be a daddy's boy, atleast he has an awesome daddy to follow and emulate:) What a cutie!

Camie & Juan Figueroa said...

That's so awesome! I love that he is doing work on the house and still takes baby g with him. He is a great dad! You guys are so cute! I'm hoping to come visit this august with my lil one...can't wait to see her! Can't wait to see you guys and your lil man!

Soap Blaster said...

Way to go J, yet another thing that I get to aspire to. I don't know how I am ever going to meet the expectations that you make for your sister. (J/K) I am glad that Baby G gets to spend time with a dad that cares. I think that is really important.

Woodhouse Clan said...

ha ha.. awesome blog Liz. Love the pink bottle that George has become obsessed with. I think it's okay that it's pink-- he still looks like a solid boy. :) John looks so different to me. We need to hang out so I can see if he's same old John! Sorry I haven't called yet.. i'll be giving you a call today.

Brooke said...

It's great that he's able to spend time with his daddy!!! Alaura asks all day when she gets to see daddy. She loves me, but I'm definatly not the fun one in her eyes :)